Feminine Prosperity
Thriving in an Unsure World


The rules keep changing, political movements keep surging and transforming, power alignments are shifting, the stock market bouncing up and down and the job markets change overnight.  How do prosperous women remain in their power no matter what?


  • Claim serenity no matter what is thrown at them.
  • Forge one’s path in full strength
  • Gleam knowledge from our ancestors and other powerful groups to claim one’s power and build one’s community even in the face of oppression or obstacles
  • Tap into your own unique femininity to bring ease and grace to your life
  • Explore the 3rd and 4th wave of femininity


Feminine Prosperity is a place that provides women’s groups, book clubs, webinars, and group or individual coaching to assist you navigating your path to find brilliance in the struggle, strength in embracing one’s vulnerability and courage to live the life of fully manifesting feminine prosperity.

Own your power to walk your path you were meant to walk