Are you sick of not getting results in your business you know you're capable of?


It was spring 2002, and I sat in a dark theater alone for the first time in years. I had just had another child a few months before. But having a baby didn’t stop the abuse that the children and I were suffering under from the children’s father. It had, in fact, increased. The actors on the screen suddenly said they wanted to “fulfill the measure of their creation.” Despite being an archaic phrase, it haunted me. 

I wanted to see what my children and I were capable of, but it would be impossible to see what we could do if every time I took a step forward, I got beat.


Visions of having that freedom kept me going through the days despite the fact I had no apparent skills, and I was terrified of what it would take to escape with little ones.


I reached out for community support. We built a team and strategy to safely escape a hostile situation with my little ones. Through the process, I kept picturing what it would be like for my children to be free of suffering. 


Not much later, my children and I fled my husband’s rage. We hid in the desert in a remote camper. My lawyer was able to rush my divorce through the courts for safety reasons, and a month later, our divorce was final.


Through it all, I kept picturing what it would be like for my children and me to be liberated until we all were. 


Nowadays, I help entrepreneurs, creatives, leaders, small business owners, and holistic practitioners harness what is possible through creativity, productivity, and grit. No matter the obstacle, I am passionate about helping leaders’ dreams become fully realized. 


Having gone through challenges in relationships, health, parenting, and starting out knowing nothing about business, I know first-hand how hard things can be. I also know from trial and error how to rise about it all, whether it be a system, mindset, or strategy issue, to ultimately achieve RESULTS. Results happen through consistently utilizing creativity, productivity, and grit. 


After working with 100s of business owners and entrepreneurs, I have learned that nothing is more important in business than harnessing what is possible to navigate through the challenges.


I’m best known for taking away people’s excuses and inspiring people to take steps toward their biggest dreams. As a result, I have been featured on numerous television and radio shows. My former business show achieved Featured on iTunes What’s Hot For BizOnYourTerms.TV in 2013.


I live by the philosophy that our greatest strength comes from aligning our vision, action, and strategy. I encourage everyone to honor their essence. One of my clients, Nina A Brown, said through our work together, she learned “there is ‘no failure,’ just working through and solving.” And that is at the core of my work—liberating my clients, no matter what the obstacle.


I have spent a large part of my career supporting creative entrepreneurs and have been in creative pursuits myself. I have published thirty books, was nominated for the Pushcart award in 2017 and won the Readers’ Choice 5-Star Award multiple times. My books have regularly hit the Amazon Best Seller List. I have also been the script consultant and executive producer for a movie that has hit the Christian bestselling list. In 2000 I was the executive producer of the movie that won the Heartland Award. I have also been a producer of a local play, and I earned my Masters of Fine Art at Antioch University in Culver City, CA, and a Masters of English from Arizona State University.


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My partial client list includes: United Way, Brain Injury Association, Pima Community College, Utah Valley State College, Stevens Henager College, a speaking tour “Cut It Out” with the Utah Attorney General, “Light the Fire Within” Women’s Conference, Chain Breaker Foundation, and Growth Climate, Inc.

Customers reviews

Since coaching with Lisa, I have quadrupled my income! With her guidance, recommendations, and mentorship, I've learned strategies that have brought me consistent success. She has been a tremendous catalyst for change in my life.
Sarah Ward​
Cable Car Couture, USA
Lisa is amazing! Lisa, she has helped me grow my business and remain rooted and grounded through life's many challenges. I don't know where I would be without her. Laura Lane-- Grace Under Pressure, Canada
Laura Lane
Grace Under Pressure, Canada

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I believe in working with people that I would be the best fit for. Some of the criteria I work within:

show up

I work with the top 10 percenter or those who want to be, which means showing up to play and are willing to do your part, which includes showing up for appointments and giving the best effort

are we a match?

I only work on my skillset. If we are not a match, I will recommend someone else.



Despite being diagnosed with dyslexia, she is an award-winning author of 30 books

Nominated for the Pushcart

Executive producer of the Heartland Award-winning Film Cowboys and Angels

Popular guest on television and radio, including Fox News 13

Earned Certified Life Coach earning CPCC and ACC Credentials and Member of ICF

(International Coaching Federation) in 2009

iTunes for Biz on Your Terms TV show

Featured in Women's World Magazine

Certified Growth Climate Specialist

Author of Best-selling Christian Movie

Master of Fine Arts from Antioch University

Masters of English from Arizona State University

Featured in Utah Valley Magazine, Deseret News, and Fox 13 New