Just Finish your Damn Project

(the One that Will Recession-Proof Your Business)

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A Live, Interactive Workshop to Uncover Your Bottlenecks and Stop Uncertainty and Recession-Proof Your Business.

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Moving forward in your business is more important now more than ever. With all the uncertainty COVID creates and the pending recession, the best way businesses can arm themselves is through boldly taking major leaps.

Imagine what results you could have in your business if you could create:

  • the clear vision of how to move forward
  • stop the anxiety and get off the hamster wheel of not knowing what to do
  • and implement solid strategies to build a stable foundation for your business
    Plus, have a master plan and skills releasing you from having to keep it all together and
    have the confidence that your business will be okay no matter what happens.

When I was getting my Master’s degree, I longed to have time to work on my novels and to improve as a writer. I got frustrated that week after week time was being wasted, and no progress was being made on a project that I cared about.

Being tired of feeling like I wasn’t moving forward in my life, I chose to study how the best of the best reach mastery for my Capstone Master’s Project. The research and answers discovered through that process are the bases for the Just Finish Your Damn Project material.
In our time together, here’s what you’ll experience:

  • 5 Live Trainings focused on moving you forward to start recession-proofing your
  • Zero-in on your unique business bottlenecks and create strategies that align with your personality and unique circumstances
  • Tap into the power of group accountability to make sure you are doing what you say you will do
  • Establish a system that keeps you productive and motivated
  • Know the best habits and practices to stay productive.

Stop being in pain in your business, worried about what will happen and how to move your
business forward.

Imagine the confidence you’ll feel when your damn project is done and the mental energy you will gain from no longer having this nagging at you.

“What I liked most was her [Lisa’s] different, appropriate feedback for each situation. I learned from all of her suggestions, even those aimed at other participants. She is patient, encouraging, and knowledgeable, and I highly recommend anything she teaches. Wow, her course was amazing.”
Sue Zenker



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Bonus: A one-hour private coaching with Lisa to help you with your biggest block if you register
by Sept 18. (Valued at $300).

I have limited the number of participants to 15 since there is going to be a lot of 1-on-1 and
custom feedback. It is crucial to leave enough time to give everyone individual attention.
Several spots are already taken before this has been publicly announced this course, so if this is for you, sign up quickly.

When I move forward with my full course later this year and open this up to the public at a
much higher price. The price for my small pilot customers who will receive full access to me
during the course will be $149, but if you sign up before September 12th, it is only $97.
The price of this course will never be this low again.

If you’re ready to stop being uncertain, stop doubting yourself, and take a bold step forward in recession-proofing your business, and lay claim to your powerful business-building self,






"Lisa is fiercely committed to helping her clients live their best life.  You can feel the incredible strength and love she gives move through you and lift you up."
Barb Van hare
Kinetic Clarity, LLC
"Lisa J. Peck (MacDonald) is the fire that ignites the human spirit.  I highly recommend her coaching." --Jeff Tareta, Bankers Hall Club, Calgary, Canada
Jeff Tareta
Bankers Hall Club, Canada