Hidden Female Power

Discover how to stand stronger, more confidently, and with more grace in your life by learning and implementing the secrets of Female Power that international bestselling author Isabel Allende reveals in her first sensational novel, The House of the Spirits.

Join the Female Power Course, and you’ll learn how to be your best self no matter the oppression, the obstacles, or the hardships you may be enduring.

In this unique course, you will engage with the novel in a meaningful and supportive environment. We’ll take the principles of feminine empowerment and apply it to your life so you can navigate the sea of negativity.

This course is designed to systematically guide the participants through uncovering the hidden strategies that the main characters in The House of the Spirits use to combat the damaging effects of the government, patriarchy, and other abuses against women.

After the strategies are identified, the participants will go through the Practice Guide exercises designed for the participants to access that knowledge and apply the skills and strategies in their lives, community, and country.

Module 1

 Introduction—Literature as a Gateway to Empowerment

We will explore the best way to approach Isabel Allende’s novel, The House of the Spirits, to be able to extract the most useful information on female empowerment and how it relates to the Waves of Feminism. We will learn about who and what she has been able to accomplish. Plus, we explore magical realism and why this genre is quickly becoming an international phenomenon.

Module 2

Natural Potential of Feminine Power: Building a World of More Fairness and Opportunity

 Here we’ll glimpse what sparked the various feminism waves. We’ll look at the definition of feminine power. We’ll see how scared the opposers are of feminine power. We’ll note how oppressors try to shut down our feminine power and how to counter. We’ll relook at Marie Antoinette and see what place she should have in history and what she teaches us about the battle of against oppression.

Module 3

Hidden Power of Our Mind, of Attraction, and Surrounding Self in Kindred Spirit Community

Here we will learn from studying the Trueba family’s dynamics, how the battle of the sexes can be subtly fought within the home. We will uncover another power tool to counter the oppression, especially when it occurs on the home front. We will also divulge the secret power of magical realism and how to harness your female voice in the amidst an attack.

Module 4

Supporting, Harnessing, and Nurturing a Feminine Community

It is one thing to learn how to protect oneself and heal from oppression, it is another level to learn how to spread this knowledge to other victims and to mobilize a proactive healing community that can transform society. In this module, we will examine the powerful message that Allende highlights to do just that—change the world through employing feminine power, staying true to your values, beliefs, and loved ones.

Module 5

Bringing It All Together

This module is where we gather all the information of the four other modules and learn how to take this information and transform your life by existing more in your feminine power. We will drill down on your biggest take a ways and help you forge a plan on how you will most effectively apply these principles to your life.

In our HIDDEN FEMALE POWER Course, you’ll receive:

5 modules

These five modules are designed to teach you Hidden Female Power principles that you can utilize to transform your life. Lisa will share with you the principles and teach you the skills to integrate into your life.

Practice Guides

You'll get a Practice guide for every module training session. You will receive a quick glance Practice Guide to help you remember the key principles. You will also have exercises to aid you in applying the information to your life.

Before the course begins, you can join the FREE LIVE Book Club discussion of the novel. To help you better engage with this rich book, join the free book club discussion where you can voice your perceptions of the novel and hear the insights of others.


You get 5 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Lisa J. MacDonald. During these weekly live calls with Lisa, you will have the opportunity to ask for personal coaching in a group setting. This can be a powerful tool to move you forward and be witnessed by your sisters.

PDF Transcripts

You'll get PDF Transcripts of every Module Training Session. These edited PDF transcripts are a great resource to reference key concepts and assist you in engaging the material on a deeper level.

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