Are you sick of not getting results in your business you know you are capable of?

Unleash Grit Consultation

Need help motivating your child, your employee, your spouse, or yourself?

In this one-to-one consultation we will explore your motivation needs and identify possible solutions that will help you stop banging your head on the wall.


Working with Lisa has brought an amazing amount of joy and success back into my life. She has given me the tools needed to live a happy and fulfilled life. I am no longer walking the earth unhappy and without purpose. Each week we conquer a new weakness and "Step It Ip" in that area of my life. Her knowledge and techniques are priceless! Thank you Lisa!"

Chantelle Stephens,
Zoom Concierge Services Personal & Corporate Concierge
"Lisa J. Peck (MacDonald) is the fire that ignites the human spirit.  I highly recommend her coaching." --Jeff Tareta, Bankers Hall Club, Calgary, Canada
Jeff Tareta
Bankers Hall Club, Canada