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Unlock the secrets to grow your business on your terms in the juiciest and rewarding way possible.  

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Learn the fastest and most effective ways to streamline your business to be more fun, more lucrative, and less soul sucking and more soul enhancing.

Rapid Business Results

Let Lisa J. MacDonald can help you to “step it up” and get what you want from your business.

Feminine Prosperity

Discover how to stand stronger, more confidently, and with more grace in your life by learning and implementing the secrets of Female Power

Storytelling Magic

Tap into the magic of storytelling by transforming and harnessing the power of the possible in your business and writing.

Time to stop suffering from isolation, burnout, and overwhelm. Tap into your unique power and strength to grow your ultimate business on your terms.

Coaching Services For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

“Step It Up or Get Out of the Way is hot!”

“Step It Up or Get Out of the Way is hot in the current business world.  Not only is it a great guide on how to assess where your business is currently at, but it shows you the way to confidently grow your business and yourself.  I highly recommend anyone who is serious about growing their tribe to read it.”

Max Simon

A Global Authority in Training New-Thought Leaders to Achieve Maximum Wealth, Prosperity and Impact.

My Approach To Coaching

Rave Reviews


The Fire That Ignited The Human Spirit

Lisa J. Peck-MacDonald is the fire that ignites the human spirit. I highly recommend her coaching.

Jeff Tareta
Bankers Hall Club

Thank You Lisa For Your Amazing Game Plans

Thank you Lisa for your amazing game plans, your killer conditioning training and your firm pat on the rear to stay in the game!

Susan Glenn
Date Night

Fiercely Committed To Helping Her Clients Live Their Best Life.

Lisa is fiercely committed to helping her clients live their best life. You can feel the incredible strength and love she gives move through you and lift you up.

Celest Casey
Send Out Cards

Lisa Brought Joy and Success Back Into My Life

Working with Lisa has brought an amazing amount of joy and success back into my life. Her knowledge and techniques are priceless!

Chantelle Stephens
Zoom Concierge Services Personal & Corporate Concierge

Lisa Is A Class Act

Lisa J. Peck-MacDonald is a class act. She provided me clarity about what is working in my life and what is not. She brings professionalism and aptitude that you will not find elsewhere.

Justin Englebright
State Farm Agent

Outstanding Communicator With Life Transforming Strategies

Lisa is an outstanding communicator with some life transforming strategies to pick you up from any overwhelming situation back to a flowing and resourceful state in the simplest possible way.

Venkat Yarrabothula
Success Square Ltd.

A Natural Gift

Lisa J. Peck-MacDonald has a natural gift for connecting people with a life design that speaks to ones heart!

Edith Morris
Utah Auction Agent

The Audience Was Laughing At Her Funny Stories One Minute & Wiping Tears Minutes Later

I heard Lisa speak at three different occasions. While wiping the tears from my eyes, I looked around to watch others with tears in their eyes. Shortly after, the audience was laughing at her funny stories. We hung on her every word while her stories are very captivating. As she tells them with her sincerity, you almost feel like you were there with her.

Carla Garrett
World Financial Group

Lisa Helped Me Move Forward

It’s been amazing how Lisa’s encouragement has helped me move forward.

Sarah Ward
Owner Cable Car Couture

A Phenomenal Life/Business Coach

“For those who haven’t worked with Lisa, make it a priority to work with her. She is a phenomenal life/business coach!

Dan Clark
Lotus Spring Acupuncture

I was magnetized by Lisa’s ability!

I was magnetized by Lisa’s ability!

Alan Boyer
President and CEO, Acticut International, Inc


Lisa’s a 12 on 10 point scale. Dynamite!

Tiffany Jones
Office Manager of Parker Orthodontics

Step It Up Or Get Out Of The Way

The book STEP IT UP OR GET OUT OF THE WAY, is the missing piece you have been waiting for to reach and impact more people with your message, product or service. To fulfill your life's purpose and step into your vision, NOW! Through this engaging and interactive book, you will learn the tools and systems you need to make it easier than ever before to grow your business, while being in alignment with who you truly are. Click the “order now” button below and let’s Step you up into action!

Sign Up For The Step It Up Newsletter!

Learn the fastest and most effective ways to streamline your business to be more fun, more lucrative, and less soul sucking and more soul enhancing.

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