Private Coaching

Overcome challenges and stop procrastinating

Are you looking for someone to tell you the exact steps that you personally should take for your specific clients, business and desires?

Have you been looking for someone who is successful and ahead of you in business, to take an in-depth look at your business, to make sure nothing falls through the cracks that you might have overlooked?

Someone you can trust to ensure you overcome challenges, hold you accountable for results, and helps you stop procrastinating on the most important steps that you need to take in order to bring in more revenue and reach more people?

Working one-on-one is not for everybody, it’s for the small business owner or entrepreneur who is:

  • Ready to overcome their challenges and not let anything get in their way
  • Knows they need help and are ready to stop doing everything alone
  • Motivated and ready for change
  • Open-minded to doing things a different way, with new perspectives
  • Isn’t afraid of hard work that gets results, as long as it is aligned with their passion and purpose

One-on-one coaching will accelerate your business from confused, ineffective and minimal results to thriving financially, attracting more clients than you can handle and genuinely loving what you do!

Everyone who is successful has a private coach: Olympic athletes like the swimmer Michael Phelps, actors like Brad Pitt, singer’s like Bruce Springsteen.

Successful people get the importance and power of having someone who can give an outside perspective on how to overcome their challenges, someone who is looking at all the pieces and supporting you where you can’t see.

Also, giving you insider advice on how to run your business from someone who has been there already, and learned the painful lessons so you don’t have to.

"Lisa is fiercely committed to helping her clients live their best life.  You can feel the incredible strength and love she gives move through you and lift you up."
Barb Van hare
Kinetic Clarity, LLC
"Lisa J. Peck (MacDonald) is the fire that ignites the human spirit.  I highly recommend her coaching." --Jeff Tareta, Bankers Hall Club, Calgary, Canada
Jeff Tareta
Bankers Hall Club, Canada