Announcing Web TV Show

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Learn the fastest and most effective ways to streamline your business to be more fun, more lucrative, and less soul sucking and more soul enhancing

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Step It Up Enterprises Announces New Web TV Show which Declares Entrepreneurs are Looking In the Wrong Places for Business Solutions

Business coach and author of 19 published books, Lisa J. Peck will be hosting new web TV show Biz On Your Terms. This new show aim is to show in a humorous and entertaining way the important success principles to grow your business, your way, in today’s environment.

Biz On Your Terms teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to radical grow their business not by listening to others, statistics, or all the doom sayers, but by doing it their way.

The first episode looks at how to determine the right things to focus on to grow your business and get results immediately. Step It Up Enterprises goal in these shows to support the entrepreneurs and small business to be successful. “These companies are the very backbone of the United States and they are our future,” says Lisa J. Peck, founder of Step It Up Enterprises. “We are excited to help these companies by supported in these tough times and help them be even more successful generating income.”

Biz On Your Terms will be aired at twice a month and will be filled with answers that will help small business owners and entrepreneur succeed in today’s economy. The producers are fielding questions and will be constructing the shows to answer your biggest business questions and struggles.

About Lisa J Peck: Lisa has been helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business and balance the needs of home for over 18 years. Being a mother of 8, author of 19 books, former radio show host, and an award winning speaker,

She is based in the majestic Rocky Mountains. She has worked with hundreds of business owners and leaders in the service industry throughout United States and Canada.

About Step It Up Enterprises: Step It Up Enterprises (, launched in 2005 out of frustration of so many voices in the market places claiming that the only way to succeed is by forgetting who you are, or what lifestyle you want, and build business on someone else’s program. Instead of relying on the latest business fad, Step It Up Enterprises teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow their business doing it your own unique way and having fun in the process.

It’s hard to have the courage to be authentic and to find fulfillment in this world preaching fear. Step It Up Enterprises not only shows you how to be happy but also how to do it by getting a profit and results.