Confidently Put Yourself Out There as Solo Entrepreneur WEBINAR

April 15, 2021

Are you a solo entrepreneur, creative, or freelancer who is finding yourself holding back? Maybe you are putting off doing your Facebook Lives, speaking at events, meeting new people, and sharing your ideas?

Are you worried about what others with think? Or maybe, worried about the negative response to your posts?

Do you find it challenging to take up space and own that you are good enough?

According to KPMG Women’s Leadership study, 73% of women lack the confidence to go after a new job opportunity. 67% of the women report they need more support to become leaders. What???

More women are entrepreneurs than men. We have the opportunity to change the wrongs in the world and to make a difference. We can stop the injustices that are going on, empower our young for the new world emerging, but not if we aren’t confident!!

The need for confidence has never been greater. We don’t have time to hold ourselves back. The world is changing.


                                                   Confidence is a must in today’s world.


Women want to step up and make a difference. They have dreams and goals to accomplish, but they are holding themselves back, and sometimes people they love are making it difficult for them to step up.


April 15, 2021

In this webinar, Lisa J Peck-MacDonald will show you the 3 Areas that you need to rock to maintain consistent confidence in your life and business.


              *How to make time for you in a busy world so that you can feel your best.


              *How to get support when you are the one always supporting others.


              *How to quickly increase your skillset so that you can feel confident in                    the fast-changing business world.


April 15, 2021

Your webinar host:

Lisa J. MacDonald

Lisa J. MacDonald is a results business coach who works with purpose-driven creative entrepreneurs to gain clarity, confidence and achieve the results in their business.

After working for over nineteen years with hundreds of entrepreneurs, Lisa believes it is possible for you to revolutionize your impact through creativity and grit to tap into undiscovered possibilities.

Lisa is an award-winning author of thirty books, former radio show host, executive producer, and is an award-winning speaker. She has also been a popular guest on TV and radio shows and used to work with the Attorney General in Utah on the Dating Violence Task Force.  

Lisa has two master’s degrees, MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in English. She earned certified coach credentials CPCC/ACC and Certified Growth Climate Relationship Specialist.

April 15, 2021

What others are saying

"Since coaching with Lisa, I have quadrupled my income! With her guidance, recommendations, and mentorship, I've learned strategies that have brought me consistent success. "
Sarah Ward
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"Lisa not only gives you the tools to bring forth your magnificence, but she also makes it possible to feel the difference in your life."
Celeste Casey
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April 15, 2021