Steps to Purpose Driven Momentum


Are you a creative, coach, healer, and helping professional who:

Wants to get off the roller coaster ride of inconsistent money

Struggling to find time to get everything done

Doubt you can do it

Don’t know how to do …

According to National Business Capital, the failure rate of small businesses in 2019 was around 90%.

Lack of consistent cash flow is a major reason small businesses fail.

                                 This is a momentum problem.

It is easy to become overwhelmed about building momentum.

                                But you don’t have to stay stuck.

There are 3 things you can do today to minimize the confusion and shift you into purpose-driven momentum.

To discover those three things join us for the:

3 Steps to Purpose Driven Momentum WEBINAR

March 10th 9 AM Pacific/ Noon EST  VIRTUAL

In this webinar, Lisa J Peck-MacDonald will show you …

            *The Biggest Problem keeping you from building Momentum in your business

            *How to stop being overwhelmed and start bringing in consistent revenue.

            *How to deal with so many things needing to be done at once

            *How to grow your business even when you don’t have a huge following, and much more


March 10th 9 am Pacific/ Noon EST VIRTUAL

Your webinar host:

Lisa J. MacDonald

Lisa J. MacDonald is a results business coach who works with 100’s of purpose-driven creative entrepreneurs to help them gain clarity and confidence and achieve results in their business.

After working for over twenty years with hundreds of entrepreneurs, Lisa believes you can revolutionize your impact through creativity and grit to tap into undiscovered possibilities.

Lisa is an award-winning author of thirty books, former radio show host and executive producer, and is an award-winning speaker. She has also been a popular guest on TV and radio shows.  

Lisa has two master’s degrees, an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in English.

March 10th 9 am Pacific/ Noon EST VIRTUAL 

What others are saying

Since coaching with Lisa, I have quadrupled my income! I’ve learned strategies that have brought me consistent success. She has been a tremendous catalyst for change in my life.
Sarah Ward
Cable Car Couture
In less than nine months, I was able to leave my full-time job for a more lucrative position where I am appreciated. Plus, my side business has taken off and that income has increased 300%!
Brieonna Aljets
REFine Coaching, Inc