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You put a lot of time and energy into your events.

Now, you need a speaker that will step it up and not only educate your people, but also engage and inspire them to get out of their own way, stop self sabotaging themselves, and get the help they need to impact the world in a huge way. Lisa provides high value content and action items that will be tailor fit to what your goals are for the event…. so that it powerfully supports your vision and objectives.

Bring in Lisa J. Peck

As a feisty passionate entrepreneur herself … she is a mother of 8, author of 20 books, host of BizOnYourTerms.TV, and a sought after business coach. For the past seven years she has built a business and a life style around helping people stop the self sabotage, take action and overcome any challenge they face.

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Lisa’s signature presentations include: Step It Up: Rapid Business Growth on Your Terms

After working with hundreds of clients who are always struggling with their heart desires of helping people and the hardship of the practicality of owning business, I realized a deep want and need for people to have someone powerfully believe in them, point out where they are tripping themselves by self sabotage, and hand hold them to ensure they were solid on success skills. So in my talk I cover areas like:

-How to really show up 100% consistently, no matter where you are or who you are talking to….They will get the real you, all you have to offer and want to keep coming back for more!

-How to courageously make the most difficult but critical decision to get unstuck and start seeing drastic positive results.

-How to train yourself like an athlete to reach the Olympics of business!

-Creating patterns and habits that will carry you through the challenging, stressful, overwhelming moments of being an entrepreneur. This is your safety net to sanity, happiness and enjoying the journey!


Here’s what people are saying about Lisa’s presentations:

In Lisa J. Peck, we have a speaker of great ability. When I first heard her speak, I was magnetized by Lisa’s ability to command the attention of her audience. She reaches out to others and lifts them to a greater level of self-awareness. Her message is real. I am enlightened to have listened to her. Thank you Lisa for being, well, you!

Alan Boyer, President and CEO, Acticut International, Inc

I heard Lisa speak at three different occasions. While wiping the tears from my eyes, I looked around to watch others with tears in their eyes. Shortly after, the audience was laughing at her funny stories. We hung on her every word while her stories are very captivating. As she tells them with her sincerity, you almost feel like you were there with her.

Carla Garrett, World Financial Group

Lisa J. Peck's One Sheets:

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Sample Interview Questions

  • How did you become the "Step it up Queen?"
  • What is the "Step it up Queen?"
  • How can you get people to "Step It Up?"
  • What are some things people need to be aware of when they decide to "Step It Up?"
  • How do you "Step It Up?"
  • Give us an example of how people "Step It Up" in various areas of their lives. Let’s start with the workplace. Many of us spend countless hours there. Tell us about it – how can we "Step It Up" there?
  • Is "Stepping It Up" contagious?
  • Let’s be honest – some of us may not feel like we can do this consistently on our own. What do you do to help others "Step It Up" in their lives?
  • How can we find out more about how to "Step It Up" in our lives?