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Life Coaching

Cost-Effective Step It Up Life Coaching with Lisa J. Peck

Life coaching is beneficial to everyone, yet do you notice how many of us don’t feel we have time to be coached?

Lisa J. Peck understands this so well.

She offers what she affectionately calls "Cost-Effective Step It Up Life Coaching."

Cost-Effective Step It Up Life Coaching thoughtfully provides services that require:

  • No traveling (no costs for hotels, airfare and meals away from home)
  • A financial investment to fit any budget
  • Access to guidance so you get the information you need when you need it

Cost-Effective Step It Up Life Coaching includes a monthly bundle of private telephone conference calls with Lisa J. Peck. For just $90 per month, you receive three calls (that’s $30 per call!) plus additional bonus resources Lisa provides.

If you are interested in our monthly life coaching calls, please email

What is Cost-Effective Step It Up Life Coaching?

Cost-Effective Life Coaching is most effective when it provides access to the expert. This life coaching is convenient so you can get it when you need it. It also creates an environment of accountability so you make the time to participate and perform.

Our Life Coaching offers you the opportunity to get live access to Lisa J. Peck every month, plus specific tools and exercises to complete so you can "step it up" in your life.

Every month, your private Step It Up Life Coaching calls are scheduled each week for the first and third week. Here’s how the calls work:

Week 1: Each week Lisa leads you through information and exercises from her upcoming book, Step It Up Living. You get a sneak preview of these valuable insights and tools so you can "step it up" in your life now.

Week 2 & 3: Each month you get live access to Lisa on this open Q&A call. Lisa works directly with you and your colleagues in her private coaching community during this 60 minute call. Submit questions to Lisa in advance and join the call where you can also ask questions live. To respect your confidentiality, Lisa provides anonymity to those who want to email their questions in advance so she can address the question you have without your name or specific circumstance.

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Current Schedule for Calls:
Week 1 & 3: 1st and 3rd
Wednesday of each month at 10am MST (9 Pacific, 12 Central, 1 Eastern)
Week 2: 2nd
Friday of each month at 1pm MST (12 Pacific, 2 Central, 3 Eastern)

Lisa records the calls so you can play them when they are convenient for you and your schedule. This way you can plug into the guidance at the right time for you.

Imagine being able to access one of the world’s leading experts on relationships and getting things done.

Lisa knows how to step it up in her own life – and now you can too.

For more information about Life Coaching from Lisa, please Contact Us.

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