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Life Coach Services

Let Lisa J. Peck be your life coach. She can help you to “step it up” and get what you want from your life. Lisa offers the following services:

After having the courage to face her fears and work through them, Lisa J. Peck set new standards for her life and is now known as the "Step it up Queen." She has inspired more than a million people with her life story and capacity to get things done.

As a mother of eight children, inspired entrepreneur, savvy businesswoman, passionate writer, beloved author and speaker, and life coach, Lisa guides you through the steps to create an environment of accountability and support in your life.

Get out of the status quo and into living your dreams with a life coach.

Lisa knows from her own life experience what it’s like to deal with unreasonable people, particular life challenges and unexpected obstacles. She has lived the life of hard knocks and has transformed her life into an exciting and rewarding experience.

With Lisa as your life coach, you can too!

Lisa has been coached by the best and has been personally mentored by Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, a featured teacher in The Secret, and author of The Success Principles. She is also a Certified Co-Active Personal Coach through The Coaches Training Intitute, and she is a Certified Relationship Coach through the Growth Climate organization

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