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Leadership Capacity Coaching

Do you wish someone could come in and do a butt-kicking on your team to get them properly motivated?

Are you tired of losing profits because your team requires babysitting?

Are your days consumed with petty problems while your next-level goals go untouched?

Imagine experiencing results like these:

  • Implementing a system that creates more time to focus on what you truly want to accomplish.
  • Discovering your natural leadership style and how to leverage it to the greatest advantage.
  • Implementing strategies that put you and your team in the zone and support your team staying there.
  • Detecting team roadblocks and destroying them.
  • Detecting each team member’s strengths and capitalizing them to the greatest benefit.
  • Plugging into sustainable, consistent team success.
  • Orchestrating a plan of action that gets your whole team excited to get out of bed in the morning.
  • Showing up with a clear vision of how to be a powerful leader in your sphere of influence.

Lisa J. Peck partners with small-business owners, business teams, and entrepreneurial leaders to maximize their leadership capacity, performance, and outcomes. She helps her clients develop the abilities essential to experience high-impact results in their organization, business, and lives.

She’d like to assist you achieve movement on these and other objectives.

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Lisa is fiercely committed to helping her clients live their best life. You can feel the incredible strength and love she gives move through you and lift you up."

--- Barb Van Hare, Kinetic Clarity, LLC

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"I was magnetized by Lisa’s ability!"

--- Alan Boyer, President and CEO, Acticut International, Inc

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"Lisa’s a 12 on 10 point scale. Dynamite!"

--- Tiffany Jones, Office Manager of Parker Orthodontics

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"Working with Lisa has brought an amazing amount of joy and success back into my life. Her knowledge and techniques are priceless!"

--- Chantelle Stephens, Zoom Concierge Services Personal & Corporate Concierge

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"It’s been amazing how Lisa\'s encouragement has helped me move forward."

--- Sarah Ward, Owner of Cable Car Couture

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Lisa J. Peck is a class act. She provided me clarity about what is working in my life and what is not. She brings professionalism and aptitude that you will not find elsewhere.

--- Justin Englebright, State Farm Agent

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I heard Lisa speak at three different occasions. While wiping the tears from my eyes, I looked around to watch others with tears in their eyes. Shortly after, the audience was laughing at her funny stories. We hung on her every word while her stories are very captivating. As she tells them with her sincerity, you almost feel like you were there with her.

--- Carla Garrett, World Financial Group

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"For those who haven\'t worked with Lisa, make it a priority to work with her. She is a phenomenal life/business coach!"

--- Dan Clark, Lotus Spring Acupuncture

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"Lisa is fiercely committed to helping her clients live their best life. You can feel the incredible strength and love she gives move through you and lift you up."

--- Celeste Casey, Send Out Cards

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"Lisa is an outstanding communicator with some life transforming strategies to pick you up from any overwhelming situation back to a flowing and resourceful state in the simplest possible way."

--- Venkat Yarrabothula, Success Square Ltd, India

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