Are You Always Late? Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating, #16

Wednesday, 22nd August 2012

Welcome to Biz on Your Own Terms!

Today, we will highlight another way you can achieve success in your business!

I have worked with a few of these types of people through my coaching and I have noticed a couple of things. “Are you continually late for work?” For one, this behavior can cause a lot of long-term regret. Why? Because other people do not like waiting around for you and eventually got frustrated enough that they will look for an excuse to no longer work with you.

How to change this?

The first part of changing the habit is to become truly committed to changing it. We have to really want it. The desire must come from you and not from anybody else. So lets look at this:

Step # 1: Ask yourself if you really care if you’re late.

Step # 2: Determining where the hang up is.

Step # 3: Implementing structure based on you hang up.

Step # 4: Track and celebrate.

you take the time and put forth the energy to change that habit around, you’ll love the new habit of being on time early. It will feel so good and you’ll love the business that will be coming your way!

Until next time! Have a step-it-up business day!

Business Life Coach: How to Successfully Work with Y – Generation

Wednesday, 18th July 2012

Do you belong to the “Y” Generation? Are you a boss or a partner who works with the Y generation? Whether it is true or not that these type of workers only worry about self care, there is still a way to succeed in any business.

If you are the type of worker who belong to this category, it is important to learn how to strike a balance between meeting your needs and the business needs. If you are a business owner who has an employee in the Y generation, might as well triple the amount and efforts required and you can then meet a balance between your needs and the needs of others.

Success Coaching: The Art of Co-Leading in Business

Wednesday, 4th July 2012

Welcome to Biz on Your Own Terms! Today, we will discuss a new style of effective leadership in business.

Have you heard of co-leading? Shall the associate take the “inferior” position and a manager, the “superior” position?

A new style of ensuring success in business is to create that mutual respect and equality in the business environment. Treat your colleagues and co-employees as equal. Though this will take work and effort, however if you are both driven by a common goal, creating a wonderful alliance is possible. So treat each other with respect and create that biz in your own terms.

Watch out for our next episode!

Life Balancing by Giving and Taking

Wednesday, 25th April 2012

How can you have your business your way?

There are two types of people, there’s giver and there’s a taker. Fact is to achieve business balance, take not as much and practice to ask help. Reduce stress, gain more clarity, be on purpose and transform your business with huge growth.

Misjudging Turnaround that Hits the Bottom Line

Wednesday, 11th April 2012

I will be more vulnerable with today’s topic. Have you been misjudged? Well, everyone had experienced the pain of getting misjudged. For business owners, we are also guilty of misjudging others.

Those who take the time and dig deep what’s happening on their clients. Take time, stop, look and listen to your clients. This will give better connections and ensures your success!

Making Better Choices in Every Aspect of Life

Wednesday, 28th March 2012

How do you know you are making better choices? What option should you choose? Where should you go? Take some time and consider the following steps in getting that long term benefits.

Tip # 1 Make the hard decision
Tip # 2 Figure out What is motivating your decision
Tip # 3 Immediate satisfaction
Tip # 4 Stay on your path and stop detouring

Either you will be cautious or go with the flow! Analyze your choices. But even after analyzing, is there a perfect choice when there is none. Go right ahead! Life is generous, you will always have the opportunities!

Till next time! Step it up!

Wednesday, 29th February 2012

Today I am excited to share to you something, which is really juicy! I have interviewed 50 small business owners and learn their common mistakes. Do you which to identify what are these mistakes and what to do not to replicate such mistakes?

Watch the video and follow these action steps on how to be successful in your industry!

Tip # 1. Know more about your industry
Tip # 2. Track your results and pay to new trends
Tip # 3. Pay attention to the little shifts in your industry and what forecasts these mean

The general advise is to pay attention to the details, to your numbers and to your industry!

Have a great step it up day! See you next time in your Biz on Your Own Terms!

How to Overcome Overwhelm in Business

Thursday, 2nd February 2012

Today we will be talking about overwhelm. How do you know that you are suffering from it?
Are you feeling tired and thinking like you have so much to do?
Like your day is controlling you and not you controlling your day?

1. Slow down to speed up
2. Get clear on what you want to accomplish
3. Determine a strong why you want to accomplish your goal
4. Baby steps through accomplishing

Do this and get cruising on your business!

How to Have Inner Power In Your Business

Thursday, 19th January 2012

Welcome to your biz in your own terms! Have you ever wondered what are things you could do to have inner power in your business? The good news is, it is all up to you!

Follow these guide on how to unleash the power and have a growth in your business and remember! Only you can decide on how to step it up on your business!

1: Determine what your way is like
2. Own who you are
3. Take action

If you want to have more sales, be yourself!

How to Implement Your Business Steps

Wednesday, 4th January 2012

Hey, Welcome back to Biz on Your Terms with me, Lisa J. Peck, on the show that teaches you to grow your business your way. Today we’re going to talk about a wrestle that many entrepreneurs and small business owners wrestle with. Now this is a big one. Ready?

Be on purpose and transform your business into a huge growth! Today we will talk about the common concern small businesses and entrepreneurs have and that is, how to implement business steps daily.

Learn clarity, implement systems and track accountability and these usually takes discipline and planning. Watch the video and learn more!

See you next time!