Business Success for the Introvert, #26

Thursday, 14th February 2013

Let’s face it, the business world was created for the extrovert—be bold, ask for what you want, step it up and go for it, are often the messages we hear. So what if your natural inclination is to hold back a little? Maybe you’re more on the quiet side, well, at least until you get comfortable? Does that mean business is not for you?

No. It certainly doesn’t mean that. But it does mean that to be successful you might play at business in a little different way. Different is good, especially when you are honoring your true nature.

Really, taking in the environment and understanding it before you take action, is a really effective strategy plan on how to approach new situations.

Naturally there is good with both the introvert and the extrovert way of approaching business. An extrovert that is wise does take some time and observes to get the lay of the land then moves forward. An introvert would benefit a lot from learning how to speak up and ask for what they want and to get recognition.

The most important thing to do before you adapt some of the characteristics from the other camp, is to become extremely familiar with what makes you tick and what the signs are when you are getting out of power, so that when you do extend yourself, you will know when you are pulling yourself off balance and you know just how to push it. For example, an introvert going into a meeting and introducing themself to someone may be a stretch. If you do this and you experience a slight twisting of the stomach, heart pounding, and a flutter of the nervous system, you know you are stepping up and doing great. But if, on the other hand, just thinking about talking to someone makes you throw up and become light headed, you might want to start with smaller baby steps.

Introverts can do very well in business, and they don’t have to push it so far that it throws them off balance. It is matter of utilizing the skills that you do have and to leverage them to your advantage.

Until next time on your biz on your own terms!

Overcoming Challenges: What is Enough in Business? #25

Wednesday, 30th January 2013

How are you faring so far this 2013?

Living the dream is the big quest in the business world—go out rock, conquer, leverage, catapult yourself to the next level. For what? Well, to be in a position to conquer more. Is that really what business is all about?

For some yes, and for others, they are hard wired to put mile markers in their world and achieve success. But what happens if you are not wired that way? What happens if going out and getting on the treadmill of success, learning the systems, the strategies, the process, is killing you because it is going against your grain?

What is “Enough” in Business?

Too many people just buy the Kool Ade and believe the mantra—you need to go bigger, higher, make more money. I invite you to consider some perspectives, and see if it really agrees with you and makes you happy. If it does, rock on. If something in it falls flat, really look at what does make you happy in business. You work too much of your life to risk not being happy while you do so. It’s up to you to discover what kind of business person you are and to incorporate that into your vision and base it on things that will bring you happiness.

Make sure that you are happy in your business, until next time on your biz on your own terms!

Coaching Success for an Alternative Healthcare Provider, #24

Wednesday, 16th January 2013


Hello 2013!

Welcome to Biz on Your Own terms! Let 2013 be a BIG year to all of us!

Today, let’s take a look at gaining peak performance and eventually success for an alternative healthcare provider.

Let’s face it, the current business world isn’t for wimps. There’s more competition, more changes, and more that needs to be done than ever before. For the alternative health care provider, the challenges increase even more with misunderstandings about who you are, what you offer, and the value you bring to your potential patients. With reality being what it is, if you want your practice to succeed it becomes critical for you to be “hardy” enough to withstand the storms modern business brings.

What is hardiness? My definition is that it’s the ability to roll with whatever life has thrown at you and to keep moving forward. Recently I read the book, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption, by Laura Hillenbrand.The story tells an intense tale of what hardiness looks like. I couldn’t help being in complete awe of the resilience of this man who stood in the face of horrendous obstacles and found ways to not only go on, but also, after surviving, to forgive and make the world better because of his message about being hardy.

Since in reality that’s not fair, let’s see what of Louis’ heroics could be applied to your practice.

1) Face current challenging situations with patience
2) Look for ways to always maintain respect in business.
3) Find a way to let go of past hurts and move forward to a clean slate

Can you image what a hardy business owner could accomplish if he or she approached their practice using the Louis style—implacable patience with the challenges, maintaining respect for self at all times, and not letting the past define their present business efforts?

Until next time on your biz on your own terms!

Step It Up and Know Your Core Values in Business, #23

Wednesday, 28th November 2012

Today we will talk about how to step it up and know your value in business.
From my research, one of the greatest problems small businesses and entrepreneurs have is that they didn’t realize their true value and what they could bring to the marketplace early in their business. When I talk to seasoned, successful business owners, quite a few of them admit that they wished they would have fully embraced their value and the knowledge that they had to offer to the business community sooner. It would have saved them a lot of time and effort.

Here are three ways that you can own your value in the marketplace.

1-Understand what you bring to the table. Each business-person has something a little different that they offer to the world than anyone else. If you don’t know what value you have, assume you have it and start digging around for it. Coaches can also help you to start seeing what gifts you have.

2- Apply structure and success principles while at the same time being you.
Sometimes small business owners and entrepreneurs care so much about their business and want desperately for it to grow, that they think they need to copy somebody else’s path to success.
Now, learning the structure and principles of success is critical, but the other part of the formula that is not talked about as much is that once you know the structure, you get to show up and play in business using your unique style and gifts, and not other people’s.

3-Make sure your branding, marketing, and advertising communicates your unique value. What happens with many business owners and entrepreneurs is that they do a lot of work on themselves and their company, but sometimes amid all the hustle and bustle, they forget to check if their current brand, that they are advertising to the world, and their current marketing, reflect all the changes that they have made. It is not uncommon to check the text on your website and be shocked by the messages you find there.

To truly own your value in the current marketplace, it is important to understand what you bring to the table. Strive to consistently “be you” as you implement those success tools into your business. And don’t forget to update your current marketing and branding to be reflective of who you now are in the marketplace.

Until next time on Biz on Your Own Terms!

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Building Self Confidence: Why Become An Entrepreneur? #22

Wednesday, 14th November 2012

Welcome to Biz on Your Own Terms! Today we will talk about the things you have to consider before you step into the entrepreneurial world.

There are simply too many entrepreneurs. Too many people trying to create their own jobs, be their own boss. Too many people are trying to live life on their own terms. Why are they doing this? Don’t they know that being your own boss, being able to work when you choose, and pursuing your dreams comes with a terrible cost?

Once you are an entrepreneur, this requires a huge amount of efforts, money, time and investments. So if you started your own business so that you will have more time to play or go on vacation or be with your family, then you might want to think again. Building a business at the beginning, and I don’t care what kind of business, will take work and lots of it if the business is a legal one. It could also mean time being spent away away from playing, family, and anything else that you can think of that you would rather be doing.

Furthermore, if you think you still want to be an entrepreneur because you love to deliver services, don’t fool yourself. If you think that having your business means that all you have to do is set up a website and customers will come, and that you will spend all day doing the work that you love, think again. Most find when running their business they spend most of their time doing everything except what they want to do.

Think about these things and then, decide. It is all up to you! Until next time on Biz on Your Own Terms TV!

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Peak Performance Training Through Simplified Systems, #21

Wednesday, 31st October 2012


Welcome to Biz on your Own Terms!

It’s really fun to do business on your own terms! Today we will talk about how to magnify your business by simplifying your systems.

One of the things that I learned the longer I have been in business is that the more successful a businessperson is, the simpler their systems are. It is the person who has been in business for only a few years that runs around stressing about how there is too much to do. They have piles of emails stacking up that they need to get to, lots of phone calls they need to return, social media tasks they’ve been meaning to get to, not to mention the need to balance their books and find time to get more sales.

The traditional thinking is to work harder, longer and put many systems in order to gain competitive edge in your selected industry. But are these applicable at all times?

I have pointed out to my clients who have that belief, that some of the most successful business people I know, who have made billions of dollars, don’t spend all day working harder and harder, but they are often the people who take the most vacations and spend time with other cool, wealthy friends. How do they do this? Does their email box fill up even faster since they are well known and famous?

Well, most of us get bitter and say “Well they have the money to hire people to do things for them.” That is true, but that doesn’t take care of all the workload. They have to do more in order to have that time off. They don’t simply all of a sudden come into money then schedule a lot of time off.

What do the successful business people do?

One of the things they do is to put systems in place to meet their needs, from finding and creating templates, to some more unusual systems.

Tracking and Simultaneous Assessment is Significant

It doesn’t matter what your need is, if you have one that is important for you to do in order to grow your business-put in a system immediately. If you are working extremely hard and putting in tons of hours, it is time to really examine your work environment and how you have your business structured. Looking for ways that you could implement more systems and do things better will not only be a good idea but will also save you time, which in the long run will help make you money.

Business Coaching: Blackmailing Yourself for Success #20

Wednesday, 17th October 2012

Welcome to Biz on your Own Terms!

It’s really fun to do business on your own terms!

Are you struggling in your business? Why not blackmail yourself for business success?

Ask yourself:
How Willing are you to Win?
How serious do you take commitments to yourself and to your business?

I was leading a group of ambitious and hungry entrepreneurs who were seeking to make huge progress in their businesses. They were sick of all the stuff that kept getting in their way and stopping them, whether it was themselves, others, or the lack of time.

Announcing to the World What you are Going to Do
They were in one of my 90-day Rapid Results Mastermind groups, where we were digging deep and were going to blast through all that resistance. The group had come together and gotten clear on what they wanted to accomplish. They had each already announced their objectives to the group and explained why accomplishing these particular goals would have such a dramatic impact on their business. They were ready to rock.

“So what are you willing to put in place to make sure that you get it done?”

I asked this question of the Mastermind group because I knew the individuals. I have seen them determined before and watched them move forward. Eventually things began to get in their way, and they could never seem to get done what they said they would.

“How serious do you take commitments to yourself and to your business?” We’d found a great way to test their commitment.

The Harvest of Determination
Funny thing, every one of them met their goals. When it came to the day of reckoning, a lot of the people in the group had huge bags under their eyes, which they announced came from staying up late in the night to meet their goals, but no one had to take the walk of shame and pay the price of failure.

Next time you are struggling in your business and having a hard time getting things done, and you suspect that the reason is because you are letting little things get in your way, you might try blackmailing yourself for business success.

Until the next time on Biz on Your Own Terms!

Have a step it up business day!

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Coaching Introverts for Business Success! #19

Wednesday, 3rd October 2012

Welcome to Biz on your Own Terms!

It’s really fun to do business on your own terms!

If you have chosen the path of being an entrepreneur or a small business owner, at some point or another you will come to the understanding that even though you started your business to create your craft and to service people through that venue, the nature of business will require you to create sales. There has to be some way that people hear about you and show up on your doorstep.

But if you are an introvert do you have a chance for sales? Can you succeed in entrepreneurship and small business?

Introvert entrepreneurs are driven to stay in the business of serving people and healing them, but the panic of selling tempts them to quit. This tug-of-war is not fun. When questioned about what they think of when they consider going out to sell their service or product, many of my introvert clients create this impressive picture of themselves as a used car salesman, who rubs his/her hands together in preparation to pounce on someone.

So what do we do to coach entrepreneurs to succeed in business?

If we think of sales in a different way, we can prove that an introvert can still stay true to who they are and to their own personality and sell in a very natural non—“selly” way. Let them focus on how introverts could help, when an introverts thinking switched from believing that sales was slimy, to sales was a simple way of sharing something that would make the person’s life better, anyone’s whole attitude can change.

When an introverted entrepreneur figures out that sales is just a matter of loving someone else, more than their personal fear, trouble with sales will become a thing of the past.

Until next time on Biz on your own terms!

How to have Effective Leadership for Business Partners # 18

Wednesday, 19th September 2012

Welcome to Biz On Your Terms!

Are you ready to step up your business your way?

Today, we’re going to talk about the very reason you would want a partnership. This is really important to learn and understand because if we don’t know the real reason of why you’re doing something, it can cause all sorts of problems.

If you want your business to rock by creating a powerful partnership, first you need to make sure that all the proper safeguards are put in place. The most important thing to decide even before you get into partnership is, make sure you’ve got the right reasons why you wish to forge partnerships.

Remember, nothing is worse in business than a bad partnership. So what are the things to watch out for?

#1 – If you are going into business partnerships to be saved, the relationships aren’t likely to work.
#2 – Common Mistake: People get into partnerships out of fear of launching the business on their own. They have a deeply embedded doubt that they can really make it alone.
#3 – Conflict arises when the partner becomes the “boss-partner”.

Think about these things first and then, create a really good juicy partners that is totally aligned with you!

Have a great stepping up business!

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Can Partners be both Effective in Leadership? #17

Wednesday, 5th September 2012

Welcome to Biz on Your Own Terms!

We’re gonna talk about something that have caused a lot of problems for a lot of people that I’ve coached.

So let’s dive into it – and that is when partnering in business is a bad idea. Getting someone to team up with you and help you build your business sounds like a great idea especially when you think all the extra work you can get done in a less time. But there are still things you need to watch out for!

Number one is the same skill set bridge trouble. The second thing that you need to pay attention to is that “Do you have different work ethics?” Nothing breathes resentment more than how one person or more people in the partnership thinking that they’re doing most of the work. Another thing to watch out for is if one person likes to be in charge or one of the people really likes to be in charge.

So think about all these when you’re partnering and if you partner right, it will help you get the more results faster. So goodluck on your partnership!

Until next time!

Have a step-it-up business day!

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Photo: s_falkow on Flickr.