The Road to Mastery in Business

Monday, 15th September 2014

graph-blog-20Most people start out in their business with ideas of success, being the best in their field, and of course being able to support themselves financially. As they work in their business, that hope starts to dim a bit and they are faced with a choice. The choice is whether to keep going in their business and keep working, trying to build, or to try something different.

Why is that? Because the business owner is following the natural pattern of the road to mastery. The road is a bumpy one and a lot of people fall away, some because what they are doing wasn’t their life’s purpose, or something better came along. Others fall away because they couldn’t figure out how to succeed, and the last group falls away because they didn’t really comprehend what the road to mastery looked like.

Here’s what the journey looks like. Everyone starts out as a beginner. It doesn’t matter who you are or what talents you are blessed with, everyone starts out with little or no knowledge and skill in the areas that they are engaged in. So at the beginning, starting at ground zero, it doesn’t take too much effort to get better than zero. There is almost always an immediate burst of progress that gives a sense of accomplishment.

After the burst of progress, their skill level typically declines or plateaus for a while. It is natural to stay on that plateau for an extended period of time. Then eventually there will be an upward spurt of progress. Often this is the case, but it is shocking how the person engaged in the activity that takes place on the plateau can get worse before they get better.

As you get a little better, you plateau, fall back, increase your skills and then dash ahead. It takes time and patience, and a willingness to go on the journey knowing that the instant microwave result is not what you signed up for. The trick is in what you do when you plateau. Many people get discouraged. Don’t practice too much or quit. If you keep stepping up to the plate and practice, even when you are apparently going nowhere, you are making huge steps closer to the mastery that you desire.


What Do People Have to Do With Business Growth?

Monday, 30th June 2014

I had recently moved to a new state when my former husband filed for divorce. From the stress of going through a complicated divorce, becoming a single mother, and still running a business, I hunkered down and rolled up my sleeves to build a new life, a better one, one that was more in alignment with who I was becoming.

In the mastermind group I belong to, I shared that although I was meditating twice a day, practicing yoga four times a week, watching what I was eating, and making time to play with the kids, and occasionally getting a massage, the reports came back from the doctor that my cortisol, the stress hormone, was still out of whack, even though I was functioning well. I couldn’t understand what I was missing.

The mastermind leader asked, “How many people do you know in your town?”

That answer was easy, about 40 people, 38 of them were in the business network group that I belonged to. He looked at me with surprise, and I explained that I was really busy and didn’t get out much. I didn’t have time to make it to the local yoga class or exercise class and just did that at home in-between clients.

The leader of the group then asked why I was launching my own local mastermind group. I brightened up and told him I believed in the power of group coaching, and I have seen business owners totally transform from plugging along in their business to streamlining it, working less, and getting more of the results they wanted. I have seen how people flourish in a safe community that supports them and believes in them.

friendsHe then turned my own words against me. “Don’t you think you need that community for yourself? You know, some place where you aren’t the leader. Some place where you can express your worries and concerns?”

He was right. We all need community whether to grow our business faster or to decrease our stress. This is one of those factors in modern society that isn’t so easy to implement into our lives. especially if you are like me and new to a place and haven’t made much of an effort to get to know people, not an easy task for a full-fledged introvert.

That is the irony of human nature. The harmful things people sometimes do to us makes us want to withdraw and isolate ourselves, but this very action will cause harmful effects to our bodies and spirits. According to science, we are wired for connection. So maybe you would thrive more in a mastermind group where you have community support to grow your business, or, if you are like me and need people to help you feel a little more stable and who will assist you in getting back on your feet, we may all need to get out there and mingle.

Set Yourself Apart from Your Competitors

Monday, 2nd June 2014

How do you set yourself apart from your competitors? This is an important marketing and business question that most business owners find themselves answering on a semi-regular basis. If your business is based on craft or a skill that you love to do not only would you be answering this question based on marketing distinction but the business owners often ask this question from the point-of-view of improving their craft or skill.

The path of mastery is an ambitious journey and one that requires dedication. In


the book Talent Is Overrated, it is explained that scientific research suggests that the more time a person puts into their craft, the more likely he/she will achieve the top mastery level. The book also suggests that one of the biggest determining factors to help you soar in mastering your craft is how often and how well you engage in practice. Not just any practice, but a different method from the average person’s performance while practicing, compared to those who achieve mastery. For the artist and the businessperson, it is important to perform “deliberate practice.” In their heavily researched findings, deliberate practice looks a very specific way.

Before we get into what it looks like, lets first define it. Deliberate practice is a way to engage in an activity that creates growth in skills that you are not strong in. That means that the person practicing is engaged in the part or parts of their craft that they are weakest. They work on it and practice it until they achieve a high level of skill. An example of this in business would be to approach a customer for a sale of your product or service. A businessperson who wants to become top in their field, and if sales happens to be part of it, would ask for the sale, practicing over and over again until they figured out what works and what doesn’t.

Here are the five components, according to Talent is Overrated, that have to be included in deliberate practice:

  1. The task is designed specifically to improve performance, often with a teacher or coach’s help
  2. Repeat the task often
  3. Feedback is given on the result in a consistent manner
  4. The activity is highly demanding mentally
  5. The actual doing of the practice isn’t much fun

If you want to set yourself apart from your competitors in the actual delivery of your craft, the only way to authentically achieve this, according to research, is through dedicating many hours practicing, using the right methods.

Where’s Your Focus?

Thursday, 18th July 2013

Where’s Your Focus?

I don’t believe having focus is one of those skills most of us are born with. Being a mother of eight and running a business, it is one of those skills I had to develop or I would have been eaten alive.

So how does one develop focus? Well for me and for many of my clients this has required that we put structure and accountability into our days. If I want to get the results either with my kids, in my household, or in my business, I need to make sure that I am tracking what I want and what I want to do.

I don’t know about you, but when my two year old comes in crying and needs attention, I forget the most important thing I need to get done for the business, when I get back to my work.

I installed systems in my work life and in my home life so I don’t forget to get the shots for the kids and I also don’t forget when my appointments are with my clients. If I didn’t have the system, or if I don’t honor the system, I would seriously regret it.


Are You a Business Builder or a Business Window Shopper?

Thursday, 20th June 2013

Are You a Business Builder or a Business Window Shopper?

Sometimes when people busy themselves with work they think they are building their business, but are they? How can you tell if you are building or if you are just tricking yourself into thinking that you are doing everything necessary to be successful?

How to tell self-delusion from reality? Sometimes you can’t. Let’s face, it business is risky. It’s a gamble and anything can happen. That’s part of what makes it fun.

But there are things you can do that would more likely guarantee you are building your business. One of the critical things is determine if what you are doing is getting you results and is the best thing you can do.

How do you do this? Spend time regularly working on your business and taking in the big picture of what you want to do and what you are doing.

Are You Guilty of Business Sabotage?

Thursday, 13th June 2013

Are You Guilty of Business Sabotage?

It’s sad but true for most of us, our worse enemy is ourselves. Sometimes we really set ourselves up for failure. Like for example, it was getting close to the end of the year and I decided it was time to plan out next year.

As I looked at all the big juicy goals that I made for the next year, I asked myself the great coaching question, what could get in my way from accomplishing all this? The answers poured out of me: my husband could get really sick again; the kids’ needs might become extremely demanding; I won’t figure out the technology; I won’t have time; and on the list went.

The list came too easy. It just flowed. Hmmm. Not good. I looked at the list and thought about what I had been thinking a lot lately and wanted to scream. I knew better than that. I am a coach. I teach people not to do exactly what I was doing.
Grrr. I have been focusing too much of my energy and time on what I didn’t want and what I was afraid of. I was sabotaging myself. Dang, dang, dang-o-rama. Darn.

I decided to listen to my coaching wisdom and dive into what I did want. What it felt like and looked like. It was amazing how quickly things turned around for me.

Sabotage can be sneaky, so look at your life and your business and search for places where there is a bit of drag. Discover what is behind the drag and I bet you will find some sabotaging going on.


What Does Happiness Have to do With Business?

Monday, 3rd June 2013

What Does Happiness Have to do With Business?

What would it take for you to be happy in your business right now? I mean totally completely satisfied?

Those were kind of trick questions. Because if you were totally completely 100% happy in your business you would have no motivation to move forward and to achieve even better results.

If you are not totally completely happy in your business then you still have work to do and things to pay attention to.

Ah, yes, the life of a business person is an on-going journey.
If you are anything less than being close to being completely happy in your business, then there are a lot of benefits for paying attention to what you would need to be happier and start putting it in.

I have recently paid more attention to what I want to be more happy in business and after a hard look I knew I wanted more people around me that were dedicated butt-kickers.

Knowing that, I now have re-arranged my time to be with these dedicated butt-kickers who are kicking my butt! Ouch! Loving it. I love being pushed further than I would be on my own. I am creating some great friends and I am enjoying more laughs. How much better can it get?

Business Success: Your Bottom Line

Thursday, 16th May 2013

Business Success: Your Bottom Line

One of the most dramatic ways to improve your bottom-line is to know your numbers and know which actions create the biggest impact.

A lot of my client’s think they know their numbers until I start asking them more in depth questions like:

  • What percentage of your business comes from the networking events you attend?
  • How much typically does one client bring into your business?
  • Which marketing tool brings in the highest percentage of your business?
  • What percentage of your clients are Baby Boomers? X generation? Y?
  • What are your numbers telling you about your more recent work patterns?
  • Are there certain types of clients that bring in more money and require less effort? If so, where did you find them and how can you get your numbers to create a prettier picture?

If you need some assistance in asking yourself the right kind of questions for your type of business, I’d love to give you a free session where we can explore your numbers and what they mean.

To get you started on asking the right questions, just get in touch and we will get your bottom line growing.

Business Mastery: These Brick Walls

Thursday, 9th May 2013

Business Mastery: These Brick Walls

Anyone who is playing a big game is going to run into a brick wall now and again. I know some of the walls that I have plowed into have been big and thick and stubborn. So what to do? Quit? Withdraw? Keep banging your head against the wall?

Heck no! Forget about that. If I want something bad enough, I don’t let a little thing like a massive wall stop me. And I bet since you are on my list and listening to me, you are not that type of person either.

Remember, if you keep hitting a brick wall when trying to accomplish a goal, there is more than one route or path to get to where you want to go. Look for an alternative route or reevaluate what you are trying to accomplish.

There is always a way around it. Sometimes you have to get REALLY creative, but you can do it.

Since you read my blog, I am offering exploratory session with me where we can get you around, through, or over the block as quick as possible. Simply request your meeting to get started!

Business Success: Bring Value to the Table!

Thursday, 2nd May 2013

Business Success: Bring Value to the Table!

A struggle that I have often seen with my clients is for them to completely own their value. Now I work with many successful people who to one degree or another do own their worth. The problem lies for them to truly own all their value, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Owning one’s value happens in degrees and levels. It is not an over night process. It does take a willingness to really face the discomfort of believing in your abilities more than you are used to.

Why Own Your Value?

Part of making a commitment to achieve something greater than yourself is an increased level of accepting the value you bring. When you do start owning that you have incredible value to give, and you know what that value is, you will see dramatic improvement happen in your business.

If you are unsure of the value you bring, brainstorm the possible benefits or hire a coach to help completely immerse yourself in the greatness that you contribute.

Since you are a subscriber and one of my peeps, I am offering you a complimentary exploratory session with me!

This will not be a sales call. In the call we will be exploring:

  • The value you naturally give
  • What you most want to bring into your life
  • Give a clear view of your greatest obstacles
  • A roadmap outlining and detailing where you want to go in your business and personal life.

E-mail me requesting your exploratory session.