Why Join a Mastermind?

Wednesday, 10th September 2014

idea-2Mastermind is a buzzword that many people throw around. They misuse the term of mastermind when what they are doing is not a mastermind. A mastermind is when a group of people get together to focus and create a think tank where each person concentrates for a certain amount of time on one person or one business, and they use the power of the group to help the person move their business forward.

So if you are a business owner, how do you know if getting involved in a mastermind group would be a good fit for you?

First thing to examine is what the focus of the mastermind group is. Most mastermind groups have some type of theme that may include topics like: business building, marketing, or weight loss. Make sure that their focus is what you most need in the next stage of your life or business.

Second check out the person leading the group. Who are they? What is their experience? What do they value? Their values will shine through the mastermind group and create the experience that you will have. Is the leader a giving individual, or does he/she mainly talk about his or her selve? Do they know what they are talking about? These are all important things to consider before joining a group.

Third thing to look at is if what the mastermind has to offer will be useful to you. One of the main things that a mastermind offers is a sense of community and of being with like-minded people working together to help make their lives better.

Another benefit of a mastermind group is that it increases your pool of network. My reach has compounded from the mastermind groups that I have been involved in. I have met some key people who not only help my business expand, but they introduced me to others that became wonderful clients and joint venture partners.

A mastermind is also a great place to test the market on your products and your marketing language with low cost and benefit. A person involved in the mastermind can tap into a wide knowledge pool and a place where they can test the market with a lot less headache than launching in the bigger market.

Masterminds are a popular concept right now because many people are finding huge value in their participation, and finding that their involvement really helps them to take huge leaps in their business.

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