What Do People Have to Do With Business Growth?

Monday, 30th June 2014

I had recently moved to a new state when my former husband filed for divorce. From the stress of going through a complicated divorce, becoming a single mother, and still running a business, I hunkered down and rolled up my sleeves to build a new life, a better one, one that was more in alignment with who I was becoming.

In the mastermind group I belong to, I shared that although I was meditating twice a day, practicing yoga four times a week, watching what I was eating, and making time to play with the kids, and occasionally getting a massage, the reports came back from the doctor that my cortisol, the stress hormone, was still out of whack, even though I was functioning well. I couldn’t understand what I was missing.

The mastermind leader asked, “How many people do you know in your town?”

That answer was easy, about 40 people, 38 of them were in the business network group that I belonged to. He looked at me with surprise, and I explained that I was really busy and didn’t get out much. I didn’t have time to make it to the local yoga class or exercise class and just did that at home in-between clients.

The leader of the group then asked why I was launching my own local mastermind group. I brightened up and told him I believed in the power of group coaching, and I have seen business owners totally transform from plugging along in their business to streamlining it, working less, and getting more of the results they wanted. I have seen how people flourish in a safe community that supports them and believes in them.

friendsHe then turned my own words against me. “Don’t you think you need that community for yourself? You know, some place where you aren’t the leader. Some place where you can express your worries and concerns?”

He was right. We all need community whether to grow our business faster or to decrease our stress. This is one of those factors in modern society that isn’t so easy to implement into our lives. especially if you are like me and new to a place and haven’t made much of an effort to get to know people, not an easy task for a full-fledged introvert.

That is the irony of human nature. The harmful things people sometimes do to us makes us want to withdraw and isolate ourselves, but this very action will cause harmful effects to our bodies and spirits. According to science, we are wired for connection. So maybe you would thrive more in a mastermind group where you have community support to grow your business, or, if you are like me and need people to help you feel a little more stable and who will assist you in getting back on your feet, we may all need to get out there and mingle.

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