Ways to Stop Working So Hard

Wednesday, 11th June 2014

sleepMost entrepreneurs, once they have a solid foundation under them, want to know how to keep getting the same results financially but also have a life outside of work.

This desire will lead the business owner, if they are truly motivated, to fix the struggle of working constantly by looking into time management solutions. Although time management can be an extremely helpful place to look to find those sought after hours, it is not the place that will provide you with the best results. Oftentimes entrepreneurs will implement more systems, chunk their time, and utilize their schedule more, but if they don’t have the sustainable energy to follow their new plan, they will never get the results they are truly capable of. If you want to work less and sustain your income, or even make more, the first place that you need to look is how you are managing your energy. Are you maintaining a steady blood sugar level so you don’t have those dreaded lows in the early afternoon? (Work requires food intake every two to three hours).

  • Are you getting 7-8 hours of sleep so that you approach your work fresh and invigorated?
  • Have you addressed all major health concerns so you are functioning at your best?
  • Do you have mind-management practices to release a daily build up of stress like: yoga, meditation, regular walks in nature?
  • Do you have some way to connect to the divine, universe, or higher power so you feel a stronger connection to a bigger purpose daily?
  • Are you crystal clear on your mission for work and how it contributes overall so that you are in alignment with your work?

These and other areas are critical to look at to develop a way to manage your energy so that when you are working on a task, you are on fire and can easily flow through what needs to be done and go to the next thing on the list.

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