Where’s Your Focus?

Thursday, 18th July 2013

Where’s Your Focus?

I don’t believe having focus is one of those skills most of us are born with. Being a mother of eight and running a business, it is one of those skills I had to develop or I would have been eaten alive.

So how does one develop focus? Well for me and for many of my clients this has required that we put structure and accountability into our days. If I want to get the results either with my kids, in my household, or in my business, I need to make sure that I am tracking what I want and what I want to do.

I don’t know about you, but when my two year old comes in crying and needs attention, I forget the most important thing I need to get done for the business, when I get back to my work.

I installed systems in my work life and in my home life so I don’t forget to get the shots for the kids and I also don’t forget when my appointments are with my clients. If I didn’t have the system, or if I don’t honor the system, I would seriously regret it.


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