What’s Your Business Saboteur Saying Today?

Monday, 8th July 2013

What’s Your Business Saboteur Saying Today?

Ever have a sneaky feeling that just maybe you are sabotaging yourself, but you weren’t quite sure how you were doing it? You look at your business and you are always just about to get “there” but you never quite make it?

How do you find out if you are really working against yourself and more importantly how do you stop doing it?

First off, what you do is invite your saboteur to come have a conversation with you. You ask him or her what he or she is like and you get your saboteur real comfortable talking. After they have talked for a while and tell you how they are and how they show up in your life, you ask him or her the sneaky question. You ask him or her what he or she wants.

When you have made it comfortable for him or her and get him or her talking, it will have a lot to say about this. After you hear him or her out then you can start thanking them for protecting you. Then it is time to tell them that you appreciate what they are trying to do and that you will keep it in mind, but right now you need to move forward.

Most often he or she will listen to you. Does this sound crazy? Will your saboteur not talk to you by yourself?


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