Do You Have the Right Personality for Business?

Monday, 1st July 2013

Do You Have the Right Personality for Business?

When I first started business my husband told me in a loving tone that I didn’t have the right personality for business. So what is the right personality?

Obviously there is a professionalism that will help you rise above others. Skills like being able to communicate, showing up on time, and doing what you say you will do is a must.

Good news: all those things listed are not personality traits that can’t be fixed. Every one of those skills can be learned. And from my experience working with hundreds and hundreds of people, the two thing that determine whether a person will succeed in business or not is their ability to be open to learn new things, and the second, their willingness to learn how to be more disciplined on the things that counts.

So if you are open to learning what you need to learn and if you have willingness to develop specific discipline, then you are set and do have the right personality.


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