Business Dream Team for the Little Guy

Monday, 15th July 2013

Business Dream Team for the Little Guy

I have been told by too many clients to even count that they can’t have a dream team in business because they just don’t have the money. They would love to have a dream team but it is just not possible for them now.

Well, is that the truth? I can’t even tell you how many times I have explored with them how to make the start of a dream team possible now. I always have to hush their concerns about money and look for alternative ways to get what they want.

We look at who has the skills, tools, or equipment they want. We look at what information they want, etc. We go on a big exploration of who they want and who that perfect person is and what is a way that they can get it by creating a win-win solution for everyone.

I have to admit that we had to get seriously creative, but we have always found at least one way they can get the help of some part of their dream on board right then.

So what is possible for you? Who can you get on your dream team and how?


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