What Does Happiness Have to do With Business?

Monday, 3rd June 2013

What Does Happiness Have to do With Business?

What would it take for you to be happy in your business right now? I mean totally completely satisfied?

Those were kind of trick questions. Because if you were totally completely 100% happy in your business you would have no motivation to move forward and to achieve even better results.

If you are not totally completely happy in your business then you still have work to do and things to pay attention to.

Ah, yes, the life of a business person is an on-going journey.
If you are anything less than being close to being completely happy in your business, then there are a lot of benefits for paying attention to what you would need to be happier and start putting it in.

I have recently paid more attention to what I want to be more happy in business and after a hard look I knew I wanted more people around me that were dedicated butt-kickers.

Knowing that, I now have re-arranged my time to be with these dedicated butt-kickers who are kicking my butt! Ouch! Loving it. I love being pushed further than I would be on my own. I am creating some great friends and I am enjoying more laughs. How much better can it get?

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