Want to Destroy Your Business?

Monday, 17th June 2013

Want to Destroy Your Business?

One of the sure-fire ways to destroy your business is by becoming a victim to a terrible epidemic that is sweeping through tons of small business owners and entrepreneurs. This disease is absolutely robbing many would be very successful people of their self-esteem and their self-respect.

The disease is called “comparison despair.” You will know that you are suffering from this illness when you look at others and what their businesses are doing and come away feeling less than. Your energy is draining. It is almost like there is a leak.

Other symptoms are: when once you were passionate about doing a project or moving your business forward, now the fire has died down and doubt is creeping in.

If you, or are anyone you know, are suffering from this illness, get help immediately. One of the first things you can have them do or do for yourself is to list out what you are doing well in your business. Also have the focus on loving the other person and wishing them well.
If this doesn’t stop the problem or the disease is more advanced than a quick fix, can resolve, then it is time to get them to talk to me ASAP. This is a serious ailment and will have long term consequences if not addressed immediately.


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