Are You an Excuse Monster?

Monday, 10th June 2013

Are You an Excuse Monster?

Do you have really good reasons why things aren’t getting done in your business? Then you are an “excuse monster” and it is time for you to quit. I mean it, right now.

Sound bossy? Good. Do it. I mean it. I am so sick of hearing people make excuses about why they can’t grow their business. It is ridiculous. There are people our there that need saving, that need your services, that you were meant to help.

Stop blaming, shaming, rationalizing, and get out there and do the work that you were meant to do.


Great. Perfect. That is exactly what you should be. If you are not scared then you aren’t stepping up your game big enough.┬áSo stop sitting around and hiding–go out there and make the difference you were meant to make–your peeps are waiting.


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