Is it Possible to be a Serious Business Person and Avoid Burnout?

Thursday, 27th June 2013

Is it Possible to be a Serious Business Person and Avoid Burnout?

There is a change in the work environment that has happened over the past ten years. Many business people are looking around at how hard the baby boomers were working in their hay day and noticed, yes, many have everything, but had no fun.

Many people are done with that or don’t even want to take that journey. So the question that many people are asking right now is, can you be a serious or successful businessperson and not burnout?

Let’s face it, building a successful business really takes a lot of work. There is no magic “secret” that is going to have you get around that.
So how do you have a life that is more than just working?

One way you can do this is by taking time to really tune into to who you are and what is going on inside of you and honoring the process. This can be done through journaling, or meditation, or by simply taking a walk.

The trick to this is consistency, really listening to your inner world, and paying attention to its messages and honoring them. This needs to be done on a regular basis.

If you are about ready to launch into something big, it will require more inner work to keep you from approaching burnout. Just count on it.


Work Less Make More?

Monday, 24th June 2013

Work Less Make More?

Is it possible to work less and make more? Of course it is. Naturally, the old saying comes to mind–work smarter not harder.

The saying is true. In order to make these strategic choices it is important to really take some time at least monthly to really work on your business. Get an overview look at what is happening and pay attention to the patterns.

I recently had a client do this. We examined his numbers and where the results were coming from. With doing this overview it became very clear that 70% of his money was coming from 20% of his clients. Then we dove deeper and he realized that he spent half the time with those clients than he did with the clients he made a lot less money from.

When he realized that, it took a matter of moments for him to completely shift his focus on marketing and who his ideal niche is going to be for the coming year. He is so excited. He knew with a subtle shift he would be making a lot more for a lot less effort.

What is possible for you? Do you know what you need to look at to make this kind of change in your business?


Are You a Business Builder or a Business Window Shopper?

Thursday, 20th June 2013

Are You a Business Builder or a Business Window Shopper?

Sometimes when people busy themselves with work they think they are building their business, but are they? How can you tell if you are building or if you are just tricking yourself into thinking that you are doing everything necessary to be successful?

How to tell self-delusion from reality? Sometimes you can’t. Let’s face, it business is risky. It’s a gamble and anything can happen. That’s part of what makes it fun.

But there are things you can do that would more likely guarantee you are building your business. One of the critical things is determine if what you are doing is getting you results and is the best thing you can do.

How do you do this? Spend time regularly working on your business and taking in the big picture of what you want to do and what you are doing.

Want to Destroy Your Business?

Monday, 17th June 2013

Want to Destroy Your Business?

One of the sure-fire ways to destroy your business is by becoming a victim to a terrible epidemic that is sweeping through tons of small business owners and entrepreneurs. This disease is absolutely robbing many would be very successful people of their self-esteem and their self-respect.

The disease is called “comparison despair.” You will know that you are suffering from this illness when you look at others and what their businesses are doing and come away feeling less than. Your energy is draining. It is almost like there is a leak.

Other symptoms are: when once you were passionate about doing a project or moving your business forward, now the fire has died down and doubt is creeping in.

If you, or are anyone you know, are suffering from this illness, get help immediately. One of the first things you can have them do or do for yourself is to list out what you are doing well in your business. Also have the focus on loving the other person and wishing them well.
If this doesn’t stop the problem or the disease is more advanced than a quick fix, can resolve, then it is time to get them to talk to me ASAP. This is a serious ailment and will have long term consequences if not addressed immediately.


Are You Guilty of Business Sabotage?

Thursday, 13th June 2013

Are You Guilty of Business Sabotage?

It’s sad but true for most of us, our worse enemy is ourselves. Sometimes we really set ourselves up for failure. Like for example, it was getting close to the end of the year and I decided it was time to plan out next year.

As I looked at all the big juicy goals that I made for the next year, I asked myself the great coaching question, what could get in my way from accomplishing all this? The answers poured out of me: my husband could get really sick again; the kids’ needs might become extremely demanding; I won’t figure out the technology; I won’t have time; and on the list went.

The list came too easy. It just flowed. Hmmm. Not good. I looked at the list and thought about what I had been thinking a lot lately and wanted to scream. I knew better than that. I am a coach. I teach people not to do exactly what I was doing.
Grrr. I have been focusing too much of my energy and time on what I didn’t want and what I was afraid of. I was sabotaging myself. Dang, dang, dang-o-rama. Darn.

I decided to listen to my coaching wisdom and dive into what I did want. What it felt like and looked like. It was amazing how quickly things turned around for me.

Sabotage can be sneaky, so look at your life and your business and search for places where there is a bit of drag. Discover what is behind the drag and I bet you will find some sabotaging going on.


Are You an Excuse Monster?

Monday, 10th June 2013

Are You an Excuse Monster?

Do you have really good reasons why things aren’t getting done in your business? Then you are an “excuse monster” and it is time for you to quit. I mean it, right now.

Sound bossy? Good. Do it. I mean it. I am so sick of hearing people make excuses about why they can’t grow their business. It is ridiculous. There are people our there that need saving, that need your services, that you were meant to help.

Stop blaming, shaming, rationalizing, and get out there and do the work that you were meant to do.


Great. Perfect. That is exactly what you should be. If you are not scared then you aren’t stepping up your game big enough.┬áSo stop sitting around and hiding–go out there and make the difference you were meant to make–your peeps are waiting.


Are you a wuss in business?

Thursday, 6th June 2013

Are you a wuss in business?

It’s time to separate the wusses from the real business people! Ready? Every single day how you show up in your business is revealing it to the world if you are weak or the real thing. Everyone knows the answer about you even if you don’t. It’s kind of like the Emperor’s New Clothes where you think you have clothes on but everyone sees what is really going on.

So, want to know if what they are seeing is a good sight or if it is making them cringe?

Well, its how you show up making decisions. Every business is about making decisions. If you are good at making decisions your business is going to grow. If you suck at deciding, your business is going to suck.

So how quickly and how good are the decisions you are making?
Need help. I have a great book that will really kick you out of making excuses and start being the hero in your business. Order now:
Step It Up or Get Out of the Way book

What Does Happiness Have to do With Business?

Monday, 3rd June 2013

What Does Happiness Have to do With Business?

What would it take for you to be happy in your business right now? I mean totally completely satisfied?

Those were kind of trick questions. Because if you were totally completely 100% happy in your business you would have no motivation to move forward and to achieve even better results.

If you are not totally completely happy in your business then you still have work to do and things to pay attention to.

Ah, yes, the life of a business person is an on-going journey.
If you are anything less than being close to being completely happy in your business, then there are a lot of benefits for paying attention to what you would need to be happier and start putting it in.

I have recently paid more attention to what I want to be more happy in business and after a hard look I knew I wanted more people around me that were dedicated butt-kickers.

Knowing that, I now have re-arranged my time to be with these dedicated butt-kickers who are kicking my butt! Ouch! Loving it. I love being pushed further than I would be on my own. I am creating some great friends and I am enjoying more laughs. How much better can it get?