How Solid is Your Business Foundation?

Thursday, 30th May 2013

How Solid is Your Business Foundation?

Have you ever had this experience that I had? Where you bust through and are finally having HUGE business success, but it seems just as quickly as the success happened then presto it is gone?

Why does this happen? Why is it hard sometimes to maintain and hold on to the success that you worked so hard to get?

The answer is your foundation that you built your success on wasn’t solid enough. If success happens then disappears, it’s time to do some investigation into what is going on. Some places to look:

  • Did you have the proper systems put in place?
  • Was your team properly trained and enlightened with the overall vision?
  • Do you have some unresolved issues that have eaten away at your foundation?
  • Do you have tolerations and incomplete projects around you that are subconsciously taking your energy?

There is always a reason why you are sustaining your success. It is important to look inside and discover what needs more support, education, or reinforcement.

Are You Wearing Your Success Well?

Monday, 27th May 2013

Are You Wearing Your Success Well?

A lot of people in the business world spend a lot time worrying about whether they are successful or going to be successful. It is amazing if you track your thoughts and you are passionate about your business how easy it is to put your focus on that.

But what is funny about this behavior, which I have definitely been guilty of too, is that we may fail to take time to define what success in business really is to us personally. What does it really look like?

Some might go, duh, it’s the money reaching seven figures of course. But before you jump right there, is that really what success looks like? For most of my clients this isn’t the case. They care more about the quality of life and doing things they want on their terms, even over the money.

This being the case, I have them get really clear on what they want and what their terms are. It is amazing how they thought they knew it so well, but often times the picture is not as clear as it could be. The clearer the picture gets the more likely the picture will turn into reality.

Are You Moving Forward in Business or Wasting Your Time?

Thursday, 23rd May 2013

Are You Moving Forward in Business or Wasting Your Time?

I have talked to so many entrepreneurs and small business owners that say that they seem to keep working and working, but they aren’t sure if the steps that they are taking are getting them anywhere?

So, how do you know if you are wasting your time in all the things you are doing? How do you know which are the good, better, and best steps to take and which ones to take that will really pay off?

One thing that is critical to do is to know your numbers when it comes to actions. If I take time and write my blog what are the results I get versus taking time and working on the newsletter?

Start comparing the different options that you can take. If you aren’t getting results with one thing that you are doing, its time to make a decision.

One, quit doing it and do something else that gets you better results.
Two, make some changes and tweak it and test out the results.
Third, give it more time to give it feet.

Knowing your numbers as far as what results your actions get is CRITICAL to decide what the right things to do are.

Small Changes Matter in Business

Monday, 20th May 2013

Small Changes Matter in Business

Small changes make a huge impact over time. A little introspection on how you are showing up can save you years of headaches.

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Business Success: Your Bottom Line

Thursday, 16th May 2013

Business Success: Your Bottom Line

One of the most dramatic ways to improve your bottom-line is to know your numbers and know which actions create the biggest impact.

A lot of my client’s think they know their numbers until I start asking them more in depth questions like:

  • What percentage of your business comes from the networking events you attend?
  • How much typically does one client bring into your business?
  • Which marketing tool brings in the highest percentage of your business?
  • What percentage of your clients are Baby Boomers? X generation? Y?
  • What are your numbers telling you about your more recent work patterns?
  • Are there certain types of clients that bring in more money and require less effort? If so, where did you find them and how can you get your numbers to create a prettier picture?

If you need some assistance in asking yourself the right kind of questions for your type of business, I’d love to give you a free session where we can explore your numbers and what they mean.

To get you started on asking the right questions, just get in touch and we will get your bottom line growing.

Peak Performance: Oh, These Negative Thoughts!

Monday, 13th May 2013

Peak Performance: Oh, These Negative Thoughts!

Part of staying in your zone is to deal with your negative thinking. When you find yourself feeling like things won’t work, look for the possible.

Business Mastery: These Brick Walls

Thursday, 9th May 2013

Business Mastery: These Brick Walls

Anyone who is playing a big game is going to run into a brick wall now and again. I know some of the walls that I have plowed into have been big and thick and stubborn. So what to do? Quit? Withdraw? Keep banging your head against the wall?

Heck no! Forget about that. If I want something bad enough, I don’t let a little thing like a massive wall stop me. And I bet since you are on my list and listening to me, you are not that type of person either.

Remember, if you keep hitting a brick wall when trying to accomplish a goal, there is more than one route or path to get to where you want to go. Look for an alternative route or reevaluate what you are trying to accomplish.

There is always a way around it. Sometimes you have to get REALLY creative, but you can do it.

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Have a Business Action Plan

Monday, 6th May 2013

Have a Business Action Plan

Do you have a strategic plan outlined for the year yet? Having such makes it easier to chunk your big ambitious goal down to 90 day periods of time. After you have a big picture outlined with measurable chunks along the way, implement a system where you are held accountable weekly and daily.

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Business Success: Bring Value to the Table!

Thursday, 2nd May 2013

Business Success: Bring Value to the Table!

A struggle that I have often seen with my clients is for them to completely own their value. Now I work with many successful people who to one degree or another do own their worth. The problem lies for them to truly own all their value, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Owning one’s value happens in degrees and levels. It is not an over night process. It does take a willingness to really face the discomfort of believing in your abilities more than you are used to.

Why Own Your Value?

Part of making a commitment to achieve something greater than yourself is an increased level of accepting the value you bring. When you do start owning that you have incredible value to give, and you know what that value is, you will see dramatic improvement happen in your business.

If you are unsure of the value you bring, brainstorm the possible benefits or hire a coach to help completely immerse yourself in the greatness that you contribute.

Since you are a subscriber and one of my peeps, I am offering you a complimentary exploratory session with me!

This will not be a sales call. In the call we will be exploring:

  • The value you naturally give
  • What you most want to bring into your life
  • Give a clear view of your greatest obstacles
  • A roadmap outlining and detailing where you want to go in your business and personal life.

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