Clear the Clutter For Business Success

Thursday, 18th April 2013

Clear the Clutter For Business Success

I believed in the myth of the artist. To be a real artist you need to be starving, disorganized, impulsive and go with the muses. So naturally when I decided to follow my dream of being a writer, I incorporated all the traits of being a real artist in my life.

The problem came when I woke up one day, single mother of six young children who all thought that eating was a good thing. I launched into the business but some bad habits decided to come along with me. One of those bad habits from my artist days was clutter.

I thought it was normal to be buried in mountains of paper. Now I am not talking a little stack here and there, I mean surrounded with at least two feet of paper everywhere you looked.

Then one day I was challenged by my mentor to clean up my environment. He said that I couldn’t attract any more success than I was currently at unless I got rid of the tolerations of clutter. So I decided to at least give it a try.

I hired a professional organizer to just find out how successful business people kept their desk clean, since it was a mystery to me where they put projects that they were working on.

After going through some painful face your issues and get rid of your stuff sessions with the professional organizer, I started noticing a huge change. Not only was my office much cleaner (not completely sterile -which I found lifeless), but I could find information I needed much faster.

Then some weeks passed by and I watched more clients come in, the right office help show up, etc. It was totally cool. I learned through experience that part of growing your business on your terms is to clear out the clutter and stress that tolerations make in the flow of your work.

A huge toleration that slows down many business owners is messes and incompletes. To stop this from hindering your success: write down all incomplete projects, messes, items needing fixing or organizing that are at your work. Start implementing a strategy to reduce the list, keeping in mind your progress rather than getting discouraged at how much is left to do.

Don’t forget to happy dance when each pile disappears. It is a totally cool feeling.


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