Align With Your Business Goals!

Monday, 29th April 2013

Align With Your Business Goals!

In order to become 100% committed to any goal it is critical to make sure that the goal is in alignment with your top three values to be able to maintain consistency and long term focus.

Don’t know what your top three values are? Take the test right now at

Business Coaching: Are you staying “busy”?

Thursday, 25th April 2013

Business Coaching: Are you staying “busy”?

To grow your business it is rudimentary for you to know the difference between what action you take that causes growth–puts money in your bank account– and what actions are not so important busy work.

To determine this answer– figure out what’s the number one thing you do that creates cash flow and step it up and do it! Oh, yeah.

What’s Your Business Vision?

Monday, 22nd April 2013

What’s Your Business Vision?

To grow your business on your own terms it is critical to know what your vision for your business looks like and how you play in it. What does your perfect business work day look like? What are you doing? Who works with you? How are you feeling?

Answer these questions and step into it.

Clear the Clutter For Business Success

Thursday, 18th April 2013

Clear the Clutter For Business Success

I believed in the myth of the artist. To be a real artist you need to be starving, disorganized, impulsive and go with the muses. So naturally when I decided to follow my dream of being a writer, I incorporated all the traits of being a real artist in my life.

The problem came when I woke up one day, single mother of six young children who all thought that eating was a good thing. I launched into the business but some bad habits decided to come along with me. One of those bad habits from my artist days was clutter.

I thought it was normal to be buried in mountains of paper. Now I am not talking a little stack here and there, I mean surrounded with at least two feet of paper everywhere you looked.

Then one day I was challenged by my mentor to clean up my environment. He said that I couldn’t attract any more success than I was currently at unless I got rid of the tolerations of clutter. So I decided to at least give it a try.

I hired a professional organizer to just find out how successful business people kept their desk clean, since it was a mystery to me where they put projects that they were working on.

After going through some painful face your issues and get rid of your stuff sessions with the professional organizer, I started noticing a huge change. Not only was my office much cleaner (not completely sterile -which I found lifeless), but I could find information I needed much faster.

Then some weeks passed by and I watched more clients come in, the right office help show up, etc. It was totally cool. I learned through experience that part of growing your business on your terms is to clear out the clutter and stress that tolerations make in the flow of your work.

A huge toleration that slows down many business owners is messes and incompletes. To stop this from hindering your success: write down all incomplete projects, messes, items needing fixing or organizing that are at your work. Start implementing a strategy to reduce the list, keeping in mind your progress rather than getting discouraged at how much is left to do.

Don’t forget to happy dance when each pile disappears. It is a totally cool feeling.


Don’t Do Business like a Surgeon

Monday, 15th April 2013

Don’t Do Business like a Surgeon

Recently I had deviated septum surgery. For those who know anything about it, you will know that that surgery is quite painful, and since the operation is on one’s nose, I decided to take great care in selecting a surgeon. So naturally I went for a doctor I heard was one of the best. He had been performing surgeries for years and had a stellar reputation. I also talked to people who he had operated on. This type of reputation is what we should all shoot for in our companies. Plus, if you can convincingly explain the need for your services, like surgeons do for theirs—all the better.

But there are some business practices that you would not want to adapt from a surgeon if you wanted to have an extremely successful business. One of them is that often a surgeon may have the reputation of being kind and considerate as you talk to them about having the surgery, but once you are done with the surgery, you are a number to them, and they don’t care about your pain, or how anything turned out, etc. Their eyes are on the next person they can slice up. I personally experienced this years ago with my ACL surgery by a physician who had a great reputation. Perhaps he had gotten too comfortable with his success, and little things, like treating patients well, were no longer his concerns.

This could be a deadly practice, whether or not you are in the medical field, and it could completely destroy your business. You never, ever want your clients, patients, or customers to think that they are just dollar signs to you.

Fortunately, with the nose surgery, my surgeon was not as cold and callous as some surgeons are, but he did make a mistake that surprised me, and which bothered me as a patient. Because it bothered me so much, I realized how I do not want to do this to my customers, clients, etc. So what did he do that was so offensive?

He didn’t believe me. He asked me how I was feeling the day after the surgery during the check-up appointment. I listed my complaints along with saying I felt raw.

He said, “You don’t feel raw.”

“Yes, I do.”

“No, you don’t.”

I just looked at him and he finally said, “Why don’t we have a look?”

Turns out the stitches in my nose had gotten buried into the open wound, which was giving me the raw feeling.

Of course I wished he was right and I was wrong, but that is beside the point. The point is that it’s CRUCIAL to believe your customers when they say something. If you don’t, resentment can quickly come.

For me, my first reaction was—“Here’s another doctor that doesn’t believe what I say. I hate doctors.”

Is that what you want your customers to be thinking? If not, believe them when they are telling you their pain. If they are saying I want to do a simple task, don’t create a product that is more complicated.

Sounds simple—believe your customer—but it really isn’t when you set your goals and plans on what to create for your customer, and they don’t match exactly what they want.

Right after the nose doctor saw what was causing my rawness, he dove into my nose with vigor to pull that stitch right out. Despite my writhing around, he worked with confidence, not pausing to second guess. This confidence and his extremely steady hand impressed me. It calmed down my resentment of him not believing me, and he earned my confidence in him right back. I walked out of the office, asking my husband if he noticed how steady the doctor’s hand was.

The lesson for the business owner is, if you do mess up and don’t listen to your customer, you can always redeem yourself by doing your job with utmost professionalism, confidence, and skill.

Is Your Environment Helping Your Business?

Saturday, 13th April 2013

Is Your Environment Helping Your Business?

Okay, I get asked all the time, and I mean all the time, how am I able to grow my business, write all the books that I write, do my TV show, and raise eight wonderful productive children.

Good Question.

Part of the answer is I am very careful how I set up my environment and what I surround myself with. If I want to incorporate a new habit into my life, I will put structure and accountability in place.

For example, I am a very driven person and in order to physically keep up with my drive I need to have things put in place to honor my body and give it time to restore so I can keep on soaring. In pursuit of keeping this balance and after much persuasion, I decided to meditate daily.

When I got really serious about doing that, I knew that I would only keep that habit up for about a week before I found a real good reason to not keep it up. (Okay, I have history that convinced me of that fact.)

So how did I make a habit that was going to be hard for me to stick to? What did I do in my environment to support me in moving forward in doing something that I wasn’t naturally inclined to do? … I got a meditation accountability partner.

It’s been perfect. A simple text a day. “Done.” And I am showing up for over 52 days steady. I care about what this partner thinks. I am reminded I need to do it when their text beeps in and I get a little nudge when it is getting late and I do the same for him.

The best part of setting my environment up on this one little task this way is I am getting huge results. So what would be good for you to implement that would really help you get the results you want?

To have continued success in your business and life your environment needs to be set up to keep you moving forward and not drag you back to old habits.

Finding Hope In Violence

Thursday, 11th April 2013

Finding Hope In Violence

I just had surgery on my nose. It was broken years ago by my ex-husband and has hindered my ability to breathe for years. I wrestled with the best way to travel through the immense pain, both emotional and physical, as I faced this procedure. My intention and goal was to approach the pain and what would come in a “child like” submissiveness, since I had already decided to have the operation, weighing all the pros and cons the surgery would bring to my health. I wanted to give up the fight of resistance as well as any bubbling up anger so that the experience would go smoothly, and I would heal as much and as soon as possible. I had decided to get the surgery, and no use complaining about it. That was at least the goal. I thought I had forgiven my ex, but often when I thought of the surgery, I cried. Obviously I still had more processing to deal with and more feelings about being hit by someone who was supposed to love me.

After a few days of post-surgery recovery, I learned of the tragic news: 20 school children die in a senseless shooting spree. I have a daughter that exact age. I couldn’t help but think—“What is this world coming to?” Violence and more violence. The stopping of such violence is of course a must and a problem our government will wrestle with for years to come. Those are issues that something can be done about, with many and varied cries for action.

On the personal level, we each have a choice of how we are going to respond to violence. Whether the violence happens on a national level, as in that shooting, or on a more personal level like my situation, the truth is that we live in a diverse society and we will likely confront violence. Naturally, good defense is a must, but after we protect ourselves as much as we can; how are we going to respond? It is not an easy question because the approach you take will affect your business, your personal life, and all those around you, not to mention your state of mind.

For me, I have tried acknowledging it wasn’t right what happened, doing everything I can to ensure it won’t happen again, and then letting go of the anger as it rises. Letting go of “It’s not fair” and trusting that “There’s got to be a higher good” has not been easy, but has been a way to find peace. It’s the only way I can come to terms with the shooting of those beautiful babies. When I let go, I begin to see beauty—like the heartfelt compassion that has poured out from across the United States. The more intense discussion on safety and how to provide it and the call to trust that most humans have a good nature is needed. So is the knowledge that when things are really dark there is always some kind of light. My heart sorrows for the loved ones who suffer so, but I am comforted that I don’t grieve alone. The whole nation mourns. That fact alone suggests there’s plenty of reason to have hope, and sometimes all we can do is trust in goodness and go on.

Are You a Hobbit in Your business?

Monday, 8th April 2013

Are you a Hobbit in your business?

Am I the only person out there that finds the whole Hobbit and Lord of the Rings a bore? To me the movies are tragically flawed to the point you could fall asleep and wake up hours later and not miss anything in the unfolding plot. It is one wrestle after another.

The most recent movie, The Hobbit, is no exception. It’s a shame too, since the costumes and scenery are stunning. The acting is not bad either. I think part of the problem is that the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, is just way too flawed. In the story there is a lot of time spent establishing the Hobbit as a loner who stays at home enjoying his books. There is nothing wrong with that, but it does raise the big question of why these thirteen other heroic characters would join up with him? Why would they even care if he were on the journey with them?

This is a good question, not only for the movie, but is a good question to ask yourself. Why would potential clients or customers join up with you? Why would they part with their hard earned money to go on whatever journey you are offering them? Some would say, “because my product is so good”. That is like saying that the Hobbit is so good. There was a ton of other people those heroes could have chosen, just like your potential clients take, or that there was enough involved in the journey that I cared about. Even at the end of the movie, we were wondering what had really happened? It seemed they went through adventures but didn’t even make it back to the castle, much less get the home back for the dwarves. The movie felt like a lot of mindless action without making significant change for the world of the people involved, and definitely didn’t improve my world with insight, humor, or much of anything but a fairly good nap. If the movie is supposed to be a trilogy, then that is not a good enough reason for this movie to not stand on it’s own. Just like in your business you need to be able to stand on your own value no matter what part of the journey you are on.

To avoid causing such flatness with your potential clients, there needs to be a really good reason why you are the one to go on the journey with and not hope to come up with a reason during the journey. There also has to be forward motion, where your customer gets the value that working with you provides, and of course the most obvious element you need in your business is to be entertaining enough that you keep your customers not only awake but feeling like you are committed to the results that you promised you would bring them by working with you.