What Do You Tolerate?

Tuesday, 26th March 2013

What do you tolerate?

I am so glad you joined me on this adventure to learn how to grow your business your way! This concept means a lot to me because I have made all the mistakes and I know firsthand what a mess it can make in your business and your home life… not to mention how you feel about yourself if you don’t build your business with your own unique personality and style.

You see, when I first started building my company I didn’t really know what I was doing. I just knew that I wanted to help people and I seemed to be pretty good at it since people had been coming to me for help my whole life.

Maybe you are like me and really enjoy helping people. You like that feeling that you have assisted someone achieve something important in their lives. You made a difference. The only problem with starting a business like that is some people (like me) love saying YES to everyone and everything that comes along.
I found myself saying yes to everything, then feeling completely overwhelmed by too many things to do. And what happens with a lot of people, my children and my health were getting the short end of my energy and attention.

After experiencing some severe health conditions, I finally woke up and realized that I was hardly helping anyone, including my family and myself, the way I was going about it. I learned that by saying “Yes” to something I was saying. “No” to lots of something else.

I became much more careful of what I would agree to do. The funny thing about that was I had more time for my family, my health, doing what I wanted … and my business grew.

Let’s see what can happen for you.

An important step to knowing your own terms is to outline what you tolerate and what you won’t.

Take a good look at what you will say yes to and what you’ll say no to.

Ex: I will say no to have fear control my decisions in my personal or business life.

Ex: I will say yes to love and kindness that is offered me.

After you know your terms, have a great time living them!

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