What are your Core Values? A Milestone Reality Check

Wednesday, 30th January 2013

A huge problem many business owners have is not developing a clear enough idea of how achieving certain milestones will change everything for them in their company. An example of this is when my ex-husband and his business partner built a software training company. They started out in our trailer, shooting videos and editing them. This was a small production filled with a lot of excitement, dreams, and hopes of what this beginning company would be able to accomplish.

The first milestone this company actively worked toward was to be able to have their own office—trust me, our babies and I really looked forward to them achieving that milestone. As they worked for it, they talked about how cool it would be to not have to work in the middle of diaper changing, and to have a professional place to spark their talent, etc. The partners became very clear on what achieving that milestone would look like, feel like, and how it would overall impact their lives and their family’s lives.

As the company grew, the milestones changed and so did their ability to predict how achieving those milestones would impact them. One of the biggest milestones that they worked aggressively for was to get the company up to fifty employees. Within a few years they did achieve that major milestone, but that is when things started to unravel.

My ex became more and more discontent with work. He hadn’t realized that when they made the choice to reach fifty employees, he would be completely changing his work life and his role in it. The change seemed to sneak up on him. He went from loving work to hating it because instead of being independent, showing up to work whenever he wanted, and working crazy hours, being in charge of how and when he worked, suddenly there was a dress code—which he hated, and, to add to it, lots of people who turned to him for direction and guidance. He had become a manager instead of entrepreneur. His ability to be free and to work on his own schedule was interfered with by the fact other people needed and expected things from him. His dislike for reaching this milestone became so uncomfortable for him that he quickly looked for a way out of what he had worked so hard to create.

Many business owners make the same mistake my ex-husband made—setting a milestone and working really hard to achieve it before taking the time to figure out what that milestone will actually mean, not only to their business but also to them personally, and how it will impact what they will do every day.

So whether you are deciding to move from a mom and pop shop to a large business, or going from a local company to online, or maybe doing something in-between, it is critical that you finish your due diligence first and really picture, in fine detail, what achieving that milestone will do for you and your role in the company. Make sure that it is a milestone and a change that you really would want. And remember, experience and planning is part of your milestone journey.

Overcoming Challenges: What is Enough in Business? #25

Wednesday, 30th January 2013

How are you faring so far this 2013?

Living the dream is the big quest in the business world—go out rock, conquer, leverage, catapult yourself to the next level. For what? Well, to be in a position to conquer more. Is that really what business is all about?

For some yes, and for others, they are hard wired to put mile markers in their world and achieve success. But what happens if you are not wired that way? What happens if going out and getting on the treadmill of success, learning the systems, the strategies, the process, is killing you because it is going against your grain?

What is “Enough” in Business?

Too many people just buy the Kool Ade and believe the mantra—you need to go bigger, higher, make more money. I invite you to consider some perspectives, and see if it really agrees with you and makes you happy. If it does, rock on. If something in it falls flat, really look at what does make you happy in business. You work too much of your life to risk not being happy while you do so. It’s up to you to discover what kind of business person you are and to incorporate that into your vision and base it on things that will bring you happiness.

Make sure that you are happy in your business, until next time on your biz on your own terms!

Overcoming Overwhelm and Self Sabotage

Thursday, 24th January 2013

How can you tell if instead of Stepping It Up™ into a fulfilling, enriching life you have taken on too much and hit the common ailment of feeling overwhelmed? Symptoms of being overwhelmed can be physical (nail biting, clumsiness, neck ache); psychological (forgetfulness, rudeness, defensiveness); social (poor hygiene, inadequate boundaries); or spiritual (loss of sense of purpose, unsure of what’s important).

Issues that trigger overwhelm are just as individual: a deadline, a certain tone of voice, change, change in circumstances.

Noticing these symptoms and triggers is like setting off the two-minute warning buzzer—giving you time to implement your proven intervention techniques.

The Strategies
Write down all the nurturing things you can think of to do when overwhelm begins to visit. They’ll help you reconnect with yourself, to re-collect and re-focus your energy inside. Keep a copy with you and one at home. When you begin to notice your particular symptoms and/or triggers, use the list to remind yourself of things that have worked in the past. Here are just a few suggestions. Be as creative as you want.

Breathe. Remember the breath’s metaphor: Let in; let go.

Wrap up in a blanket. Cuddle.

Dance alone, with or without music. Let your body lead the way.

Listen to violin, cello or piano music. Let the music elicit tears.

Light a candle. Maybe it’s one small candle at your work desk or lots of candles around your house.

Watch a funny video. Laughter has a positive effect on brain chemistry.

Ask for help. It’s a gift that allows others the opportunity to give.

Go for a walk. Exercise increases adrenaline and endorphins, the body’s natural antidepressants.

Lie on the grass outside. Connect with the earth’s regenerating powers.

Go to your room—or your car—and sing to yourself. Or hum quietly as you work.

A practice of any kind can keep you tethered to yourself in those times when overwhelm wants to scatter your energy to the wind. Regularly repeated, these practices are best cultivated in times when things are going well so that they are there to sustain you when you get overwhelmed. Some examples:

Say a small prayer, read a meditation book or holy book or recite a poem each morning to greet the day.

Walk the dog while whispering all the things for which you forgive yourself.

Write in a journal as fast as you can for 15 minutes first thing in the morning without editing or judging. Pour it all out on paper.

Do the “Salute to the Sun” yoga postures every morning after arising.

Things to do today:

Life can put a lot of demands on you and it is up to you to Step It Up™ and make sure that you claim more out of life than stress and an ever growing “to do” list. If you are finding it difficult to implement a regular practice of self-care or that overwhelm has become too much feel free to write for additional support.

Coaching Success

Thursday, 17th January 2013

Lisa J. Peck answers some questions regarding success:

Life Coaching: Who gave you what advice that led to your financial success?
My Dad — you can have interest work for you or against you. Choose to have it work for you.

Life: Is it so necessary to become successful in life?
It depends how you define successful. If you define it by money, wealth, fame, no it is not necessary and a lot of time you are are better off not going there. But if you define successful as happy and enjoying life, that is not necessary but does learning to have more of that in your life certainly makes your journey through this life a lot more comfortable.

Success: If I haven’t succeeded in my mid 20s, could I be successful in the rest of my life?
When you reach mid-twenties you are just barely learning to get a grasp on being an adult and exploring what you want out of life. Of course you can be successful after twenties. There are many people who don’t hit their strive until way later. I have a friend who went back to school at sixty and got not only her bachelors but continued and earned her Masters degree. She is now a rocking therapist and never been happier. I have seen her in her sixties help hundreds of people and create powerful programs. Age will only limit you if you allow it. If you have a dream, start on it and don’t let things like age be an excuse to not move forward or to beat yourself up with.

Coaching Success for an Alternative Healthcare Provider, #24

Wednesday, 16th January 2013


Hello 2013!

Welcome to Biz on Your Own terms! Let 2013 be a BIG year to all of us!

Today, let’s take a look at gaining peak performance and eventually success for an alternative healthcare provider.

Let’s face it, the current business world isn’t for wimps. There’s more competition, more changes, and more that needs to be done than ever before. For the alternative health care provider, the challenges increase even more with misunderstandings about who you are, what you offer, and the value you bring to your potential patients. With reality being what it is, if you want your practice to succeed it becomes critical for you to be “hardy” enough to withstand the storms modern business brings.

What is hardiness? My definition is that it’s the ability to roll with whatever life has thrown at you and to keep moving forward. Recently I read the book, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption, by Laura Hillenbrand.The story tells an intense tale of what hardiness looks like. I couldn’t help being in complete awe of the resilience of this man who stood in the face of horrendous obstacles and found ways to not only go on, but also, after surviving, to forgive and make the world better because of his message about being hardy.

Since in reality that’s not fair, let’s see what of Louis’ heroics could be applied to your practice.

1) Face current challenging situations with patience
2) Look for ways to always maintain respect in business.
3) Find a way to let go of past hurts and move forward to a clean slate

Can you image what a hardy business owner could accomplish if he or she approached their practice using the Louis style—implacable patience with the challenges, maintaining respect for self at all times, and not letting the past define their present business efforts?

Until next time on your biz on your own terms!

Is Business and Life Coaching a Scam?

Saturday, 5th January 2013

Life coaching is a scam if you don’t care about your life and your unwilling to really look at who you are, how you do things, and what you want more and less of your life.  There are plenty of people who are unwilling to change and don’t want to go to the effort of making changes in their life.  

If you do want more of your life, life coaching can be a great way to really explore what you want and for you to find the answers from within you.  You do have to be careful though there are a lot of coaches who lack the skills to really help you move forward in the areas you want and need.  It is important to take your time and find a coach that works with your personality and really gets what you want and what you need.  If a life coach starts listing a whole bunch of ways for you to fix things, that is a not a good coach.  Look for one that specializes in the area you most want to move forward with and make sure that the coach creates an environment that will move you forward.