Peak Performance Training: What is “Enough” in Business?

Friday, 12th October 2012

          Living the dream is the big quest in the business world—go out rock, conquer, leverage, catapult yourself to the next level.  For what?  Well, to be in a position to conquer more.

         Is that really what business is all about?  For some yes, and for others, they are hard wired to put mile markers in their world and achieve success.  But what happens if you are not wired that way?  What happens if going out and getting on the treadmill of success, learning the systems, the strategies, the process, is killing you because it is going against your grain?

        I have, at this point, been mentored by many extremely well-established and famous people.  The truth is that some of them are caught up in the rat race as much as those they are leading.  Some of them have an almost frenetic energy and drive to accomplish more, play with more cool people in their tribe, and always make more money.

         I have witnessed people inside their tribe experience disillusionment, confusion, loss, and be so hungry, that they leave their present guru to jump aboard ship with another guru, who the person has this time  convinced themselves that he/she has the answers.


      As I looked at the double-edged sword of the mentor and pupil, I realized I didn’t want to play that game.  I prefer a more quiet life, not so spotlight focused, where, according to the business rules, more money means more winning.

       All that prestige, fame, and success is good for what it is—recognition that someone has something of value and others realize it; but for too many people that is not enough to achieve happiness.

So what is happiness in business built on?  Through my work with hundreds of clients and speaking to thousands more, I’ve boiled it down to two things:

  1. Knowing what level of winning is good enough for you in business and then making sure you achieve that.
  2. Contribute.  Find ways to show up in business where you feel you are contributing, utilizing your unique skills, talents and gifts, making a difference in the world that you believe in.

       Notice the two items don’t necessarily include outward success, fame and fortune,  while they don’t necessarily exclude it.

         Too many people just buy the Kool Ade and believe the mantra—you need to go bigger, higher, make more money.  I invite you to consider first perspective, and see if it really agrees with you and makes you happy.  If it does, rock on.  If something in it falls flat, really look at what does make you happy in business.  You work too much of your life to risk not being happy while you do so.  It’s up to you to discover what kind of business person you are and to incorporate that into your vision and base it on things that will bring you happiness.

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