Coaching Introverts for Business Success! #19

Wednesday, 3rd October 2012

Welcome to Biz on your Own Terms!

It’s really fun to do business on your own terms!

If you have chosen the path of being an entrepreneur or a small business owner, at some point or another you will come to the understanding that even though you started your business to create your craft and to service people through that venue, the nature of business will require you to create sales. There has to be some way that people hear about you and show up on your doorstep.

But if you are an introvert do you have a chance for sales? Can you succeed in entrepreneurship and small business?

Introvert entrepreneurs are driven to stay in the business of serving people and healing them, but the panic of selling tempts them to quit. This tug-of-war is not fun. When questioned about what they think of when they consider going out to sell their service or product, many of my introvert clients create this impressive picture of themselves as a used car salesman, who rubs his/her hands together in preparation to pounce on someone.

So what do we do to coach entrepreneurs to succeed in business?

If we think of sales in a different way, we can prove that an introvert can still stay true to who they are and to their own personality and sell in a very natural non—“selly” way. Let them focus on how introverts could help, when an introverts thinking switched from believing that sales was slimy, to sales was a simple way of sharing something that would make the person’s life better, anyone’s whole attitude can change.

When an introverted entrepreneur figures out that sales is just a matter of loving someone else, more than their personal fear, trouble with sales will become a thing of the past.

Until next time on Biz on your own terms!

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