Business Life Coach: Is it Right for You?

Thursday, 12th July 2012

If you have received an email offering their coaching services, are you taking time to look? Do you easily fend off coaching proposals? Are you one of those who believed that coaches are just okay for some people but does not fit for you? If you are that sort of person, I challenge you to change that belief.

You go to the gym and you cannot expect someone to just lose weight without the instructions of a fitness coach. A boxer cannot be expected to win in a fight without the guidance of a coach. A basketball team is null and void without a defensive and offensive coach. It is quite a crack if no one can constructively advise you on how to lead and manage your business.

Value for Money

Do you consider a coach just an add-on to your operational costs? Do you perceive them as extra baggage, which is not beneficial to your business at all? Do you fall in the category of, “I know my business very well and I can do it all alone”?

I, myself, had been a manifesto of the advantages of having a coach. I have had several coaches in my life – marketing, business and life coaches. The results are pretty massive and amazing. Not only had it gone well to my business but to my family as well. Coaching is not just mere additional expense to your budget. After all, it is not just about money.

A coach can help clear your visions, strategies, helps you get over your fears and keep you focused. The good thing is there are coaches who can support you in achieving your goals, be it in your business venture or just to get a work-life balance, which everyone desires.

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