Business Life Coach: How to Successfully Work with Y – Generation

Wednesday, 18th July 2012

Do you belong to the “Y” Generation? Are you a boss or a partner who works with the Y generation? Whether it is true or not that these type of workers only worry about self care, there is still a way to succeed in any business.

If you are the type of worker who belong to this category, it is important to learn how to strike a balance between meeting your needs and the business needs. If you are a business owner who has an employee in the Y generation, might as well triple the amount and efforts required and you can then meet a balance between your needs and the needs of others.

Benefits of Working with a Business Life Coach

Wednesday, 18th July 2012

Small business owners and entrepreneurs who have experienced working with business life coaches can attest the many benefits of getting a coach.  Professional coaches can give a sound and honest feedback regarding your business.

A coach keeps your motivations up. A person who is not only a friend but a mentor. That person is someone who is always available to be your business consultant. A coach is a teacher, a taskmaster and a guide. If you are having problems with managing your time; if you are getting confused on which career advice to follow; or simply trying to seek knowledge and guidance on how to improve your relationships to better your personal life, you can turn and ask help from a coach.

It is only then you will realize the massive results you can get from consulting with a business coach. You will be able to recognize and learn how to value self-awareness, self confidence, a more balanced life, a wiser goal-setting and lower stress levels.

You will:

  • Learn how to confidently reach for your professional goals
  • Understand on a profound level how you are wired and how you can utilize  your knowledge for the best results
  • Know how to balance your family needs with work without guilt
  • Plus, have time for a nap
  • Implement stress management tools that really work no matter how unique your situation is

Coaching is one key to empowering small business owners and entrepreneurs on their road to success.

Business Life Coach: Is it Right for You?

Thursday, 12th July 2012

If you have received an email offering their coaching services, are you taking time to look? Do you easily fend off coaching proposals? Are you one of those who believed that coaches are just okay for some people but does not fit for you? If you are that sort of person, I challenge you to change that belief.

You go to the gym and you cannot expect someone to just lose weight without the instructions of a fitness coach. A boxer cannot be expected to win in a fight without the guidance of a coach. A basketball team is null and void without a defensive and offensive coach. It is quite a crack if no one can constructively advise you on how to lead and manage your business.

Value for Money

Do you consider a coach just an add-on to your operational costs? Do you perceive them as extra baggage, which is not beneficial to your business at all? Do you fall in the category of, “I know my business very well and I can do it all alone”?

I, myself, had been a manifesto of the advantages of having a coach. I have had several coaches in my life – marketing, business and life coaches. The results are pretty massive and amazing. Not only had it gone well to my business but to my family as well. Coaching is not just mere additional expense to your budget. After all, it is not just about money.

A coach can help clear your visions, strategies, helps you get over your fears and keep you focused. The good thing is there are coaches who can support you in achieving your goals, be it in your business venture or just to get a work-life balance, which everyone desires.

Success Coaching: The Art of Co-Leading in Business

Wednesday, 4th July 2012

Welcome to Biz on Your Own Terms! Today, we will discuss a new style of effective leadership in business.

Have you heard of co-leading? Shall the associate take the “inferior” position and a manager, the “superior” position?

A new style of ensuring success in business is to create that mutual respect and equality in the business environment. Treat your colleagues and co-employees as equal. Though this will take work and effort, however if you are both driven by a common goal, creating a wonderful alliance is possible. So treat each other with respect and create that biz in your own terms.

Watch out for our next episode!

Success Coaching: Blackmailing Yourself for Business

Monday, 2nd July 2012

I was leading a group of ambitious and hungry entrepreneurs who were seeking to make huge progress in their businesses. They were sick of all the stuff that kept getting in their way and stopping them, whether it was themselves, others, or the lack of time.

Announcing to the World What you are Going to Do
They were in one of my 90-day Rapid Results Mastermind groups, where we were digging deep and were going to blast through all that resistance. The group had come together and gotten clear on what they wanted to accomplish. They had each already announced their objectives to the group and explained why accomplishing these particular goals would have such a dramatic impact on their business. They were ready to rock.

Then I asked them how much they really wanted what they had announced to the group. Everyone empathically stated that they really wanted to accomplish what they had said.

How Willing are you to Win?
“So what are you willing to put in place to make sure that you get it done?”

I asked this question of the Mastermind group because I knew the individuals. I have seen them determined before and watched them move forward. Eventually things began to get in their way, and they could never seem to get done what they said they would.

Their eyes got large, and then we went around the room and added consequences if they didn’t get what they had promised done. For one person that meant if she didn’t accomplish what she said she was going to do, she would be giving money to the opposite political party than her favorite. She was an advocate in politics, and the very idea of giving support to the opposite team made her mad. Another person would have to give money to a former business partner that he had strong feelings against. Another was going to give money to his competition. And another was going to run a half marathon. Basically they were blackmailing themselves if they didn’t do what they said they were going to do.

How Much Do You Trust What You Say?
Everyone’s face had paled. I said, “What are you worried about? Don’t you believe that you are going to do what you said?”

“How serious do you take commitments to yourself and to your business?” We’d found a great way to test their commitment.

They all agreed to the terms. It was amazing to see how committed these people were to reaching their goals. At the end of the 90-day period, one person mentioned, “Wow, if I would have paid this kind of attention to my goals during the Christmas season, I bet I would have made twice as much money.”

The Harvest of Determination
Funny thing, every one of them met their goals. When it came to the day of reckoning, a lot of the people in the group had huge bags under their eyes, which they announced came from staying up late in the night to meet their goals, but no one had to take the walk of shame and pay the price of failure.

Next time you are struggling in your business and having a hard time getting things done, and you suspect that the reason is because you are letting little things get in your way, you might try blackmailing yourself for business success.