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Tuesday, 5th June 2012

I was leading a group of ambitious and hungry entrepreneurs who were seeking to make huge progress in their businesses. They were sick of all the stuff that kept getting in their way and stopping them, whether it was themselves, others, or the lack of time.

Announcing to the World What you are Going to Do

They were in one of my 90-day Rapid Results Mastermind groups, where we were digging deep and were going to blast through all that resistance. The group had come together and gotten clear on what they wanted to accomplish. They had each already announced their objectives to the group and explained why accomplishing these particular goals would have such a dramatic impact on their business. They were ready to rock.

Then I asked them how much they really wanted what they had announced to the group. Everyone empathically stated that they really wanted to accomplish what they had said.

Are you Determined to be Successful?

“What are the things that you are willing to establish to make sure that you get it done?”

I am familiar with the individuals that’s why I asked this question of the Mastermind group. I have witnessed them grow and have seen how determined they are in achieving their goals. Unavoidably, things started to block their way to accomplishing their objectives, and they could no longer do those things that they said they would do.

We strolled around the room and added consequences if they didn’t get what they had assured done. For one person that meant she will be giving out money to the opposite political party rather than the one she favors if she didn’t achieve her objective. The very idea of giving out monetary support to the opposite team made her mad since she was an advocate of politics.Another one of them would have to give money to a previous business partner that he had strong feelings against. Another was going to give money to his rivalry. And another was going to run a half marathon. In essence they were blackmailing themselves if they failed to do what they said they would do.

Do You Trust What You Say?

Everyone’s face seemed to worry when asked if they trust what they say.. And so I asked again..”What are you anxious about? Do you have doubts that you are going to do what you said?”

“How serious do you take commitments to yourself and to your business?” We’d found a great way to test their commitment.

Everyone agreed to the conditions. We felt how dedicated these people were to getting their goals done, and it was incredible! Towards the end of the ninety-day period, one person shared, “Wow, if I would have paid this kind of interest to my goals during the Christmas season, I bet I would have made a lot of money more than I made.”

The Fruit of Determination

Funny but amazing, everybody accomplished their goals. At the day of reckoning, a great number of people in the group had huge bags under their eyes, which they said came from staying up late at night to meet their goals, but no one failed and took the walk of shame, which was awesome!

If you feel that you are having difficulty on getting things done and you struggle in your business, and you suspect that it is because you let little things get in your way, you might try blackmailing yourself for business success.

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