Whose Drum Do You Dance To?

Saturday, 24th December 2011

Whose drum do you dance to? Photo: theloushe on Flickr

Sometimes I wonder what drum everyone else is listening to? It seems like I am always listening to a different one than the rest of the world.

Like for example, today is Christmas Eve, I am at my office excited to catch up on my work that has been nagging me to get done. Of course I put the roast and turkey in the oven before I came here. I decided to cook both since half my family wanted roast and the other turkey. I have already done my shopping, put laundry in, and will be leaving in time to put on an elaborate meal for the family. So I walk into the empty office building that many other businesses rent out and my heart sings. I see my green couch that just invited me to work and I am happy. I relish the time to be able to focus for a few hours with no interruptions.

No one else is here. In fact most of the time I come to the office no one else is here. I work strange hours—Saturday mornings, after five during the week, and sometimes I make it here before seven in the morning. I know for a fact that most of the people in the building don’t even know who rents my space. They have never seen me. I rarely see any of them. I keep getting people wanting to rent my office. Nope, never. This is my refuge. This is my place to focus even if I show up and work here when no one else is working.

Sometimes I wonder where everyone else is. What are they doing that I seem to be missing out on? Then I have to sigh and smile to myself. I teach other misfits to grow their business on their terms and seriously that is what I am doing. I play with my kids in the middle of the work day. I workout during the middle of the work day and then I work when everyone else is playing. Does it really matter? Well, yes it matters. I am glad that I live and work this way. I am glad that I have the freedom to do it in the rhythm that works for me and I hope to help many others to have this freedom, because even though sometimes I feel out of touch with others’ drum beats, I just love dancing to my own drum beat too much.

How to Attract Happiness in Your Life and Business!

Wednesday, 21st December 2011

In today’s segment of Biz On Your Terms, Lisa J Peck shows us five fundamentals to obtaining happiness in life and business!

Small business owners need to be hyper aware of their actions.

  1. Know your financial numbers
  2. Track the actions you’re taking for results
  3. Track your business results in review of the goals you’ve made
  4. Track your relationship happiness
  5. Track your health


Making it last

Monday, 12th December 2011

One thing about following your energy, you need to know when to really crank it and when to hold back. There are certain actions steps that need to be honored on a consistent basis to keep the trust of your clients. Make sure you know what needs to happen daily, weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly, and do those regularly.

How to Reach Peak Performance in Business While Still Doing The Things You Love!

Wednesday, 7th December 2011

Is there a perfect balance of business and social life? Today, I am sharing tips on how to meet the constant changes and needs happening in your family and business life! It takes time and willingness to be successful in business and at the same time satisfy the needs of your family.

Tip # 1: Be Aware of what is needed and reach peak performance
Tip # 2: Know the signals that will make you off balance
Tip # 3: Track happiness!

Stay tune for the next episodes!

What to do when it’s hard

Monday, 5th December 2011

If you have a hard time maintaining consistency, go back to and do more work on honoring your values. What is your big vision, what are the goals, what are you trying to create? Make sure that you are really aligned to what you said that you wanted. If not, work on what you want to create until you can be consistently excited about the path that you have chosen. Also look at it as if you are following your energy.

Honor Your Top 3 Values

Monday, 5th December 2011

You will not be able to move forward in your business and
maintain it if you do not honor the things that are uniquely personal
and important in your life.

These important things are called your values. I am not talking ethics,
but what I am talking about are the kinds and levels of experience and
meaning you need in your life to make you feel complete, to make you
feel like a human being and that life is worth living.

Often times, people don’t honor all the top three. When that happens, they
get frustrated and start sabotaging themselves subconsciously. For
example, if they don’t have enough fun in their life and that is one of their
top three values.

Or, maybe they aren’t learning, and that is what they highly value, therefore
they lose tolerance for doing the routine things in life and business.

In order for you to move forward and grow your business it is important to
look at what your top three values are. Are you addressing those values in
your new launch or current projects or whatever steps you are taking to
maintain or expand? If what you are doing is not honoring your top three
values, how can you refocus what you are doing and get it more in
alignment with what makes you feel alive in this world?

For instance, say you are someone who values and really needs to connect
with nature, and having regular time to be outside doesn’t seem to be
fitting into the work needed to grow your business. What if you decided that
you will brainstorm in nature?

Photo: Salvatore Lovene on Flickr

Or, after you spend a certain amount of time working on a project, you
will go for a ten minute walk outside? This way you are honoring your
value of nature and getting your needs met, which in turn means you
will be more energized and able to work harder less stressed.

In other words, when your needs are met generally, you can work specifically
with greater proficiency and endurance. This is very important in order
to get the results at work that you want.