Sound Bite 90 Day Focus

Monday, 14th November 2011

Have a solid, clear, concise 90 day focus. Our minds are set
up to work within 90 days. We can really go for the target for this
amount of time.

Drilling down your goals and objectives to an overall
theme for the 90 days can give a tremendous effectiveness in your

Look at your business and think what would be the number
one thing that if accomplished in the next 90 days, would put you on a
completely different level.

Not what would be great to accomplish in a year or two, but what would
be a 90 day benchmark that would have your company functioning at
a whole new level.

Sometimes the things to focus on for 90 days can be something
like improve your health. Without health as a foundation, it would be
hard for you to build from there.

Other times, it is fix your website, or improve your marketing strategy.
Whatever it is, if you can boil it down to one or two words or maybe
even a sentence like the newscasters do for their sound bites on the news,
it will be a lot easier for you to make decisions every day that will support
your 90 day goal.

By keeping your eye on the 90 day goal you will have a guideline on how
you are going to use your time. By keeping the goal in mind, it will give you a
guideline on what to say yes to and what to say no to for now.

The 90 day goal should be at the top of your mind, something you are moving
forward on if not every single day, most days.


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