Winning from 360 Degree View

Monday, 31st October 2011

When you think about success, a lot of times people put success
in different categories and only look in one area at a time. For
example, you only look at what success means to you in business, or in
a relationship, or in health.

But if you are going to grow your business and have a positive impact
in even more people’s lives,
it is important to take a peek at all the
areas in your life and not limit yourself to only one area.

Having an overall view of your life and how success needs to
show up in each area, how different areas overlap and affect other
areas, will help you to be more balanced and float the whole boat of
your life into buoyancy.

How often have you given a real push in one area, only to have another
area in your life scream in protest? For example, you decided to dedicate
more time to your business and really get the project done. Great. But if
you make a habit of staying at work longer hours, either your children,
spouse, good friends or all of them start getting upset as those
relationships start going into the toilet.

This can stress or distract you enough to undo all the good you’re hoping to
accomplish with extra work.
A divorce or heart attack can really sink
the benefits of hard work. Or, if you play so much with your friends or
in your committed relationship that you don’t make any money, that is
not success either.

To avoid upsets and counter productivity, make a thoughtful
study of all the major areas in your life and consider what success
really looks like separately and collectively. Exercise your vision of what
could be.

Life Purpose: Does it matter?

Wednesday, 26th October 2011

This past week I got the privilege to hang out with a lot of life coaches. It is always fun for me to be with my peeps. There is just one thing I don’t get about them. They are constantly talking about life purpose. “I help people discover their life purpose,” is a frequent expression that I hear from them. That always makes me do a double take. Hmmm. How does a person know what their life purpose is? Does a divine messenger come down from heaven and say, “Boom, here is your purpose?” I am serious, what is life purpose all about and how does one really know what God’s reasoning was when He got involved in creating you?

Before you answer, I have been through coaching school and I went through the course on life purpose and I thought it was really quite silly. Really what it boiled down to is a person declaring this is the reason why they were put on this earth and this is the impact that they are going to make. Can a person really know why they were put on the earth? Can people REALLY know the impact that they are going to have? Does it really matter? I get the importance of being more authentic to yourself and to align yourself with a higher Source. I see the benefits of that in my clients’ lives all the time. I see results with learning and operating in your zone. Truthfully I haven’t seen any results from someone saying this is my life purpose other than be happy that they think they have it. But I bet most people are like me and forget what I decided my purpose was a few weeks later.

Does anyone have a good answer to this or are a lot of life coaches just making much ado about nothing?

Do You Belong?

Saturday, 22nd October 2011

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Like you were an intruder or that the way you did life was just so different than others? If you have felt this way, how did you handle it when times started getting harder and criticism started swirling?

Well for me, when I feel this way, I put up a wall. I found the more successful I become the more petty criticisms and rejections increased from people I thought were my friends and from jealous associates. I have felt myself become robotic, resisting connecting on a friendship level with others, until I flew to California for a business meeting.

I was there for business–to be professional, get business done, but the people there thankfully wanted more connection from me. They chipped away at my wall until I just had to believe in humanity again, well most of it anyway. They were so embracing of me and my quirks that an eternal flame of hope sprung again.

Although try as I may to make business professional, I’ve realized underneath it all there is still a big need for relationships and everyone, including me (ouch), has needs as simple as finding a place of resting from the storm.

I was blessed with some respite and now am ready to go back into the storm clothed with an extra layer of humanity.

This post hasn’t been easy for me to admit to. I feel much more comfortable being the chick with attitude. It would really help me if you comment and let me know that I am not alone in this or that you disagree. Please comment below. Love to hear your stories.

Lisa J. Peck: Grow your business with Time Blocking

Wednesday, 12th October 2011

Are you getting the most important things done in your business? Are you struggling with having enough time to get it done? Try out time blocking.

Watch and let me know what you think.

Get It Done and Grow Your Business

Friday, 7th October 2011

How do you make sure that you are doing the right things every day when there is a lot of distractions?

Watch this clip where I give three tips on how to do this. And please comment below.