Stopping Small Business Owners from Sabotaging Their Business

Tuesday, 15th February 2011

I get so tired of hearing excuses.  I have eight children and five of them are teenagers.  How many excuses do you think I hear in a given day?  You’re right.  Way too many!  The problem is that the excuses I hear don’t stop with my younger kids or my teenagers.  Nope.  They spring forth out of my small business owner clients too.

If you are a small business owner and you find that you are giving excuses as to why something isn’t done, why you didn’t show up on time, or why you are not getting the results you want or think you have earned.  Stop it!  Stop it, right now.  Those excuses are hurting your business.

If you are busy making excuses, what are you not figuring out?

What profit are you leaving on the table?

What new system are you not putting in place?

Just like I don’t want to hear why my teenagers didn’t get their homework done, I don’t want to hear business owner’s excuses as to why they weren’t successful.  There is no good reason except that it was a huge learning and you know what to do differently.   When a small business owner is too worried about why they can’t get something done or achieve the results they want they are not focusing on the how.  Small business owners are in their power when they focus on the how and leave the why it isn’t working or getting done to their competitors.