Consistent commitment is the leverage to thrust forward.

Monday, 25th January 2010

The difference between winners and losers often boils down to commitment. Are you going to do your work day in and day out, or not?

It comes in small choices. Do you eat that broccoli or the Twinkie?

It is a matter of decisions. The people that win aren’t always the ones that make the right choices one hundred percent of the time, but the trick is to make the right choices more times than the wrong ones. Day in and day out, eat those vegetables or get up early or do those sit-ups. Eventually, everything will add up, even if it doesn’t feel like it. If you do enough of the right, eventually something will burst and you will get the thrust that you have been working for.

Do the Happy Dance daily.

Monday, 18th January 2010

Do the Happy Dance

Ah, the happy dance. One of my favorite things to do. This is a silly dance where you wiggle around, twisting and turning in excitement. The only time you get to do the happy dance is when you are celebrating something. It is a form of celebration and recognition that you have accomplished something. It the accomplishment can be big or small.

I’ve done happy dances when I have gotten book contracts, scheduled TV appearances, and made some sales. I have also done a happy dance when I lost a pound, didn’t cuss even though I really wanted to, or when I actually had a balanced checkbook. I even did a happy dance after making a phone call that I didn’t want to place. It didn’t matter that I totally bombed on the phone call—a happy dance is earned because the job to make that phone call is off my list.

Every day there is something to celebrate. Look for it, recognize it, call attention to the accomplishment and happy dance away.

Clarity For the New Year

Monday, 11th January 2010


Stepping It Up all begins by taking the first step on the path.

A lot of us are standing at the starting line of ambitions, dreams, and desires. We look at the line drawn before us and think about whether we want to cross it. We ask ourselves a whole host of questions, like:

  • Do I really want to do this?
  • How much work is this going to take?
  • Is this really a good idea?
  • What is my spouse going to think?
  • Maybe I should just forget about this—what was I thinking?

And on and on our mind chatter goes. We spin in confusion as we look at that starting line and stand there waiting. What are we waiting for? We are waiting for the right time. When are we going to know it is the right time? When taking the first step gets easier.

Does this happen in real life? Sometimes. Often not. Is it always good to step across the starting line on our ambitions and dreams? No. So how do we know when we are being wise and when we are allowing fear to hold us back? The answers are simple: ask yourself why you aren’t taking the next step.

Are the reasons because you are unsure that it is the right path? Or is it because of fear? Do you really want to do it and you just don’t think you’d be successful? How long have you been in hesitation mode? If it is forever, and you know deep down inside that you are meant to do something or just want to—cross the starting path now.

If you aren’t taking it because you have an uneasy feeling—listen. If, after listening, you figure out that this is the wrong starting line you came up to—leave. Find the right starting line and, chances are, crossing that line will be much easier.