Steps Through Being Overwhelmed

Monday, 19th October 2009


1.    Identify all the items that are stressing you.
2.    Step back, take a deep breath, and become the observer. Ask yourself these questions:
◦    Out of all the items on my list, what are the things that I can do something about?
◦    What items are not really that important that I can delete or delay until more conducive and necessary circumstances?
◦    What items can I delegate?
◦    Out of the items that are important to do, which one is the most important, second most, and third most, etc., on my list?
◦    What is the very next step I need to take?
3.    After you have answered these questions, go through your listed items and act accordingly:
1.    Delete what is not absolutely necessary for you to do.
2.    Assign who you will delegate to, and come up with a follow-up plan that will ensure relief instead of increased stress.
3.    Outline your priorities and the baby steps needed to be taken.
4.    Start initiating the plan, following the outlined priorities.
5.    Check your list on a regular basis to be sure that it is still in the best and most serving order. Make adjustments as needed.
6.    Relax, knowing you have a way to deal with the issues.
4.    If your overwhelmingness is due to stressful events in your personal life:
1.    Stop
2.    Take a breathe
3.    Take another breathe
4.    Become an observer
5.    Figure out what you can do right now, acting on your heart’s intention. This last part is important, needing to reflect on what you truly want for the relationship or to convey to the other person—from your heart and not from a defensive reaction.
6.    Let go of what you can’t change.
5.    Hey, I know number six is really hard, and sometimes, in certain situations, feels impossible. If you are in the middle of one of those impossible events, ask, “Can I let go for now?” or, “Can I let this go for the next thirty seconds?” I haven’t found a person yet who hasn’t been able to “let it go” for thirty seconds. Doing this exercise throughout the crisis will greatly relieve the stress.

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