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Monday, 25th May 2009

Our next “Step It Up Coaching” call Breaking-Free of Messes and Incompletes is scheduled for June 3, 2009 @ 11 AM Mountain Daylight Time.

In this session of Step It Up Living™ Coaching we will be exploring:

  • How to Tackle Messes and Incompletes
  • The Six Areas of Messes and Incompletes
  • Check List Where the Messes and Incompletes Lurk
  • How Incompletes Dramatically Affected Queen Anne’s Rule
  • How to Clean Up and Transform Messes in Relationships

This call is for all Step It Up Clients and Bronze Coaching members. Not a member? Join now to access this call.

Honoring self-care is the foundation principle of moving forward.

Monday, 25th May 2009


Taking care of oneself is one of the hardest principles for people to follow. It is the number one thing that I work with people on when I life coach. Either people are caught up in living their life for others or they are caught in pleasure or avoidance. Neither of these behaviors is self-care. Granted, taking it easy and going to a movie, or taking a hot bath might be a great first step for the chronic workaholic, but for the chronically avoidant this is just going to help them indulge themselves even more in their self-defeating behavior.

Honoring self-care falls in line with loving yourself enough to put health food in your mouth, go to bed at a responsible hour or schedule a nap so that you aren’t reported by your body for self-abuse. It is choosing not to get caught up in relationships that are filled with drama, and it is taking a break to stretch when you have sat at the computer for long periods of time. How can you step it up in self-care and how will it benefit your life?

Stepping It Up In Business

Saturday, 23rd May 2009

I am so excited to announce how one of my client’s is stepping it up and launching a great new business.  Check it out!

Cable Care Couture is a fashion blog committed to showcasing the cutest modest clothes on the market!  Cable Car Couture features spotlights on real women, incredible designers, big and small, as well as fantastic giveaways!  Visit for the whole scoop!

I was inspired to create Cable Car Couture as I was researching fabulous modest clothes in preparation for America’s Top Model.  I knew I couldn’t keep these marvelous modest frocks to myself and thus, Cable Car Couture was born.  It is a true labor of love.

Please add to your blogroll and spread the word!

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Saturday, 23rd May 2009

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Successful Remarriage: Mental Health

Wednesday, 20th May 2009

 In most circumstances, divorce lowers a person’s mental health. Depression and anxiety are often associated. Due to divorce, some individuals become so angry that they cannot let go of the pain their ex-spouse caused them. This places a lot of pressure on the human mind. The mind becomes agitated. Unfortunately, the brain can lock onto the anger, fear, or anxiety and can become addicted to the chemicals released into the system every time a negative memory or image runs through their thoughts. If this pattern remains uninterrupted, the body can form a physical addiction to anger, fear, and/or anxiety.  There are also people who become so anxious about relationship failure that they sabotage new relationships. Anxiety and fear make them incapable of letting others into their life. These individuals may have relationships, but they never deepen because they don’t dare let someone fully know them. It’s as though they have a tight grip on a cat that is trying to twist free of the stranglehold. In the case of people, the more the other person tries to be free, the tighter the grip becomes. Eventually the cat or person will flee. This only adds fuel to the fire of the already anxiety-ridden person, reinforcing the belief that everyone will leave them.  

Positive in positive out.

Monday, 11th May 2009



          Sometimes it makes sense to pour in positive ideas and concepts hoping that is what will spill forth later, but at times these principles appear to not be working.  Let’s take parenting, for example.  There have been more times than not when I felt like I was talking to an empty vacuum where nothing I was saying or trying to do was registering. 

          On one of those particularly hard days I was overcome with frustration.  Nothing I was doing seemed to reach the children.  I sat down, my forehead cradled in the palm of my hand in hopes that the pounding would seep out of my head and into my hand.  My eight-year-old son approached me.  I took a deep breath to regain composure and looked up.  “Yes?”

          “Mom, I don’t feel good eating all this junk food.  Do you mind if we go to the health food store so I can eat something that is healthier?”

          I wanted to sing praise like the angels above do.  My son had listened to me from all those times I tried to communicate the benefits of health food.  Health food, of all things, was the lesson that sunk in!  Halleluiah.  Something did register.  The positive in stuff eventually had something positive come out.  Amazing.

          I have been surprised at other times when I think that my kids have heard nothing of what I say to them when I overhear them giving the same lecture or advice to another sibling, using the same voice tone and inflection.  At those times I have proof that what I put in their minds does affect what comes out, and if it works on them there is no question that it works on me.  (How many times have I given myself my parent’s lectures in my mind, twenty years later?)

Rising Above Overwhelm

Monday, 4th May 2009

Our next “Step It Up Coaching” call Rising Above Overwhelm is scheduled for May 6, 2009 @ 11 AM Mountain Daylight Time.In this session of Step It Up Living™ Coaching we will be exploring:   * Options to Overwhelm     * How to Step through Overwhelm    * Avoid Overwhelm in Your Personal Relationships  * Principles to Learn from Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine     * Transform Difficulties into StrengthsThis call is for all Step It Up Clients and Bronze Coaching members. Not a member? Join now to access this call.