When on the right course you will naturally contribute to others lives.

Monday, 27th April 2009



          One of the ways you know that you are going the way that you are meant to be going is if what you are doing is blessing and helping those around you.  Part of the reason we are here is to bless others.  If you enjoy what you are doing and what you are doing comes naturally, and it enriches others’ lives, you can rest assured that you are headed in the right direction.






Successful Remarriage: Restructuring Power and Hierarchy

Tuesday, 21st April 2009


 When a divorce occurs, there is a restructuring of the power in a family. In many instances, children will be given extra responsibility simply because a single parent cannot accomplish all the ordinary tasks alone. In other instances, one parent will attempt to take away any power or influence his or her ex-spouse has on the children. This parent will tell the children that they don’t have to obey their other parent, or the parent will undermine any authority the other parent tries to use in discipline.  Even if this doesn’t happen, there’s the challenge of a new person coming into the family. Everyone has to figure out and accept the role of this new person. The struggle, power, and reconstruction of the operation of the family can lead to many conflicts.

Trusting your instincts provides safety, peace, and confidence.

Monday, 13th April 2009


If I only had one weapon and I was being thrust into the middle of a brutal war, I would ask for a heightened instinct.  It is the one weapon that has never failed me no matter who my opponent was.  It is the one tool that has shown the way to beauty, peace, and happiness.  When I honor my gut feeling and its guidance, I have never regretted it.  It is one of those weapons that you can always have with you and it will adapt to any situation that you find yourself in. 

          Hone in and listen to it.  Pay attention.  


Employing one’s talents is an expression of thankfulness to the Source.

Monday, 6th April 2009



          Sometimes we try to make things hard.  We tell each other that hours on our knees in prayer is the way God will see our thankfulness.  In fact, He has made us, given us talents and would be happy to see that we use what He has given us instead of toss His work to the side thinking that our own interpretations are better.  The best way to show others your thankfulness is to use and enjoy what you have been given.  The same works with our talents and the Source.