Step It Up Queen Life Coaching

Monday, 26th January 2009


I am so excited to share this with you.  As many of you know, I have had many of you request to work with me or have your friends be coached.  I know because of the economic times many of you can’t afford my one-on-one service.  Good news!  I’ve come up with a cost-effective way where more people can gain clarity on their lives and accomplish their goals.


Introducing the 2009 Step It Up Queen Coaching


On February 4th, 2009 I am leading a monthly workshop on the phone, tele-community style, for people who are ready to master the skill sets, mindset, and environment for creating their ultimate Step It Up Life.


We’ll Study Life-Changing Keys In-Depth for the 9 Areas of Your Life


 Some of the topics you’ll experience:


 How To Live a Fully Motivated Life

 How to Rise Above Overwhelm

 Conquering Negative Thinking

 Jumping Over Blocks from the Past

 How to Avoid Burn-Out Permanently

 Conquering Poverty Thinking

 Supercharge Your Career

 Utilizing the Power of Networking



Step It Up Coaching offers you the opportunity to get live access to Lisa J. Peck every month, plus specific tools and exercises to incorporate so you can “step it up” in your life.


You will also get the benefit of having a well trained coach guide you to assist you in maximizing your strengthens, outsource your weakness, and to build a solid support system to keep you moving forward living the life you were meant to live and fulfilling your purpose.


Step It Up Coaching calls will also give you the additional benefit of being in an inspiring community of like-minded individuals achieving their goals.


Not only will you have a safe, supportive environment that will encourage change but you also will have the live coaching calls to help you implement the changes in your life that will be customized to your unique circumstances.


How It Works:


Here’s how the calls work:


Week 1:  Lisa leads you through information and exercises from her upcoming book, Step It Up Living.  You get a sneak preview of these valuable insights and tools so you can “step it up” in your life now.


Week 2 & 3:  Each month you get live access to Lisa on this open Q&A call.  Lisa works directly with you and your colleagues during this 60 minute call.  Just listen in to others’ questions being answered or join in the conversation with your own questions or live feedback.  To respect confidentiality, Lisa provides anonymity to those who want to email their questions in advance so she can address the question without a or specific name or circumstance.


Current Schedule for Calls:


Week 1 & 3: 1st and 3rd

           Wednesday of each month at 11am MST (10 Pacific, 1 Central, 2 Eastern)

Week 2:  2nd

Friday of each month at 1pm MST (12 Pacific, 2 Central, 3 Eastern)



Lisa records the calls in mp3 so you can replay them when it’s convenient for you and your schedule.  This way you can take the time to absorb the guidance at your own pace; a special benefit if you miss a live call or just wish to review.


Imagine having regular access to a leading expert on success and getting things done.


Lisa knows how to step it up in her own life – and now you can too.


Step It Up now and sign up to join Lisa on her next call session.  To sign up email




As a result with working with the Step It Up Queen, I will go forward with renewed enthusiasm believing I can achieve anything I can dream. Lisa has great competency, enthusiasm, radiance and believability. You can definitely tell she walks the path. She knows so much about everything. Could we just infra-red her brain to mine?

— Kathy Gibson, Housewife


I love Lisa’s personality, energy, vitality and professionalism. She taught me that I change

the way I live through the power of thought, how to glean help from others, and to establish reachable goals. She’s a 12 on 10 point scale. Dynamite!

— Tiffany Jones, Office Manager of Parker Orthodontics


Lisa has so much energy and conviction. It propels you toward success. She provides a lot of great information and good atmosphere for change.

— Wendy Bentley, Owner of Nurturing Inc


Lisa helped me be more positive. She taught me that there is “no failure,” just working through and solving. I am now armed with a lot more positive strategies.

— Nina A. Brown, Jane’s Reader


As a result of working with Lisa, I will set daily goals and step it up every day. Lisa has taught me how to take responsibility for what is happening in my life. I have shared what I learned with my children and school children. They love it. Thanks Lisa!

— Karen Schwen, Educator Westridge Elementary


As a life coach, Lisa J Peck has provided a safe port in the storm. An experienced mentor who listens before she analyzes, leading me to solutions that fit my life where it is, even as we drive it to where I want to go.

— Kristi Hopkins, Housewife and Mother of 6