Boost Your Confidence

Monday, 17th November 2008


I am so excited!  I just teamed up with a communication expert Shauna Kelly Ward and we are going to give a series of free teleseminars call Boost Your Confidence.  We would love to hear from you about what you want to learn about in this area and how we can best serve you.  Please take this 5 minute survey so we can best meet your needs.

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Integrity Rule: #3

Monday, 10th November 2008


Integrity Rule 3: I search for truth and align with it.  This is a basic concept. People with integrity want to know what the truth is, and they actively seek it. For example, let’s say someone reading this book didn’t realize that it is dishonest to promise to be somewhere and then not show up. He or she doesn’t understand how that act could affect someone. After reading the above section, however, this person may set a goal not to do this anymore now that they understand the impact their actions have on others. They might make mistakes trying to live up to the new standard. That’s okay. The important part is that they are trying to change.