Integrity Rule #2

Tuesday, 2nd September 2008


 Unless I am released from commitments, I must keep them.  Many people have a hard time with this one. They say they will call on such and such a day and they don’t, or they will be at an appointment or do this or that and it doesn’t happen. This occurs so often in our society that there are cartoons and jokes poking fun at this tendency.  The excuse most people use is that other things came up, or they didn’t think the commitment was serious. What these people don’t understand is how much harm they create by not doing what they say they’re going to do. Every time a commitment is broken, trust erodes. If this occurs too often, there won’t be enough belief left in the other person to keep a relationship functional.  Before you say, “But what about …” remember the first half of the statement: “Unless I am released from commitments.” This means that you can get out of the obligation. For example, you said that you would pick up your girlfriend at five. Once on the highway, you come to gridlock because of an unexpected accident. A person with integrity will call the girlfriend as soon as he can and let her know that he cannot arrive at the agreed upon time, and he will be there as soon as possible. That call may seem simple. It is small acts like that which create trust.  

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