Showing Up as Who You Really Are

Asserting oneself into business can look and feel many different ways. Personally for me being an introverted creative female, I used to go about being assertive in business all the wrong way. I thought that to be successful I needed to be aggressive and go out there and claim business. This approach never worked. When instead I tried the approach of being more feminine and more mother-like business started streaming in. Mother-like looked like listening to a person’s needs, encouraging them when they were down, and putting up with no crap when they made excuses and always challenging the person to be their best. I showed up as who I really up in business and in return I have a full practice.

"Showing Up as Who You Really Are" by Lisa J Peck was featured in the article, "Entrepreneurs Share Tips on How to Assert Yourself in Business - Part 2." To read the whole article by http://rescue.ceoblognation.com/ Click here.

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